No reduction in force announced

Bailey Tomlinson, News Editor

President James L. Gaudino announced CWU would not reduce staff through June 30 at the April 9 board of trustees (BOT) meeting. Additionally, he announced that all Cabinet members including himself have taken a voluntary 20% cut in pay. 

“We understand that any of the decisions we make would have a profound impact for what happens or what transpires in the city, the county and on the campus,” BOT Vice Chair Robert Nellams said.

This announcement followed CWU’s declaration of financial exigency due to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 24. Financial exigency allows institutions expanded powers to act in the interest of their survival. This includes powers such as performing layoffs of tenured faculty. 

“As a result of the [pandemic], the Trustees of Central Washington University do hereby proclaim that a State of Financial Exigency exists,” the declaration states. “And directs the president of the university to pursue any measures that are legal and necessary to preserve the educational and financial integrity of the university.”

“The number one priority, consideration, is the health and wellbeing of faculty, staff, students, trustees, you know, everybody,” Gaudino said during the BOT meeting. Later adding, “I am also committed to maintaining current staffing levels.” 

“We’ll be watching trends very, very closely,” Gaudino said. “And we will adjust to the situation as it demands.” 

The BOT treasurer, Joel Klucking, said that though the board feels confident about finances through the remainder of 2020, 2021 brings uncertainties.