ASCWU calls for trustee apology, resignation

Bailey Tomlinson, News Editor

In response to statements made by Board of Trustees (BOT) member Gladys Gillis calling for the university to lay off employees as a cost saving measure, ASCWU members have signed a letter rejecting her statements. The letter also requests her immediate apology and resignation as a BOT member, and requests that CWU “maintain continuous employment for all CWU employees.”

“In these hard times, we must do everything in our power to ensure the well being, financial security, and overall safety of everyone in the CWU community,” the letter states. “These kinds of actions are counterproductive to the mission of Central Washington University and would have disastrous effects on our community.” 

Hours earlier, an email signed by both the chair and vice chair of the BOT was sent to the student body stating that the board values CWU’s staff and students and will act “responsibly and in concert with the values of this great institution.”

The letter acknowledges the option to utilize a cash reserve that the university has been preparing over the past 29 years.

“These are difficult times, and the university should use all of it’s available resources to support university employees, students, and the community,” the letter states.

The email states that despite the measures the university has already taken to reduce spending, they are not enough to remain financially sustainable.

“We find ourselves, like so many other public institutions, in the position to examine reduction in support areas, and exploring all viable options to reduce costs,” the email states.

The letter does not accept Gillis’ statements as viable options for the university at this time.

“[Gillis’] statements are not how the university should be addressing the COVID-19 pandemic,” the ASCWU letter states. “As the largest employer in the region, Central Washington University has an obligation to the community, employees and it’s students to provide continuous employment to all of it’s employees.”