Update: Two more Kittitas residents under investigation for COVID-19


Mariah Valles, Managing Editor

COVID-19 test results came back negative for the Kittitas County resident who was tested on March 2, according to a Kittitas County Public Health Department (KCPHD) press release.

The March 2 test makes for two negative tests in the county. The first negative test was a CWU student who traveled internationally. The press release states that while the March 2 case came back negative, there are two new people under investigation for COVID-19.

“Additional information is pending for two people under investigation for COVID-19 in Kittitas County,” the press release states. 

It’s still being determined whether or not to test the two people under investigation, according to KCPHD Public Information Officer Kasey Knutson.

“We want our residents to be as healthy as possible and use the tools that are available, which means we are encouraging everyone who has not received a flu vaccine to go and get vaccinated, immediately,” KCPHD Health Officer Mark Larson said. “This time of year, we see lots of influenza-like illness and part of keeping everyone healthy and fighting an outbreak includes vaccinations.” 

The Observer has asked for follow up information and will update the story as information becomes available.