Feel the burn with Group X

Pheobe Lai, Staff Reporter

Group X is a group training program at CWU. Group X offers different exercises for students to get a unique, instructor-led workout on campus. Group X offers exercises to help students burn calories.

According to the CWU Group X website, classes provide a variety of  choices for exercise. For example, Group X has yoga and pilates for people who are into the slower, mind-body workouts. Group X also guarantees to have appropriate classes because everyone has different workout preferences.

There are 11 Group X instructors in the program. Kristin Keller, one of the instructors in the Group X program teaching Pop Pilates, said Group X offers  a healthy way to connect with others.

“What I’ve learned is Group X offers that family environment of trust and availability, knowing you will have your instructor come and know you have a group of people have your back,” Keller said. “You’ll build such a positive connection outside of the Group X classes, which is so rewarding.”

Group X offers Barre, Cycle, Cycle Strength, Full Body Circuit, FitCat Bootcamp, HipHop, P90X, Pound, Strong by Zumba, TRX, Yoga, Zumba and many more. All the classes work all the different muscle groups. 

Paneal Holland

According to Keller, Pop Pilates helps students work on flexibility and focus on how to breathe correctly while working out. She said Pop Pilates offers a lower impact type of movement. The core work and strength in people’s legs and arms are important. And glutes are part of our core, so they are connected. If students strengthen their core, it can balance the rest of our body parts.

Group X instructor Shantyle Black, who teaches FitCat Bootcamp and full body circuit this quarter, said both classes are strength training exercises and have higher intensity.

Black said FitCat Bootcamp is a Crossfit type of workout. Moreover, full body circuit is back to back exercise in a short amount of time with little rest, so it requires people to do a bunch of movements. 

Group X instructor Lexi Cozart, who teaches Zumba and HipHop this quarter, said Zumba is very beneficial to students on campus because students have a chance to have fun and get exercise at the same time.

When it comes to safety, trainers are certified in the exercise they are teaching. According to Black, she got her certification in personal training. With her certification, she is allowed to teach FitCat Bootcamp and full body circuit. Keller said she got certified from online Pop Pilates classes.

Cozart said she is certified under Zumba Fitness and World of Dance Ujam. She trained to learn the proper technique and format for the classes, so the certifications mean she is licensed to teach Zumba and hip-hop.

Teaching exercise in Group X also brings enjoyment to the instructors. Cozart said she enjoys being a Group X instructor because she gets to bring people into the gym that may not come in to work out.

Cozart also feels very passionate about teaching and leading her classes.

“I love it, especially in my Zumba class,” Cozart said. “Last week, I had my entire class full by about 12 hours after registration opened, which is very cool.”

Cozart decided to start teaching Zumba classes due to her early experience. Cozart said when she first went to Zumba classes, it was at a point in her life when all she had was school. Zumba was a way for her to get out of her house and do something fun with others. She wanted to bring joy to the other students as well.

“I decided to teach students because one of my favorite parts of being an instructor is being kinda dramatic during classes,” Cozart said. “I make a lot of noise, so students are laughing together at me. They’re all having fun.’ 

Group X classes are free to all people who have a membership at the CWU Recreation Center. Every student has two free guest passes per quarter they can use.