Opinion: Join an intramural team

Della Babcock, Columnist

Editor’s Note:

This opinion piece was intended to be a reported article about CWU sports clubs that spend time doing community service. When the reporter went to set up an interview, they were told to fill out a media request form. Sports Editor Austin Lane spoke to Dean of Student Success Gregg Heinselman about the matter. Heinselman said he would email the source, giving an “all-clear.” An interview was scheduled for Jan. 23 at 4:30 p.m. 

Three hours before the interview, the source emailed the reporter and asked if they had filled out the media request form. The reporter did not see the email until minutes before the interview was supposed to begin. The reporter went to where the interview was supposed to take place, but the source said, because there was no media request form filled out, an interview could not take place. The reporter stated Heinselman was supposed to send an email giving the all-clear but the source said they did not receive the email. The interview was cancelled. The article was then changed to be an opinion piece about intramural sports.

Editor-in-Chief Cassandra Hays and Managing Editor Mariah Valles have a meeting scheduled with Heinselman on Feb. 3 to discuss recent conflicts. The Observer stands by its decision to be open and transparent about any administrative pushback involving interviews.


Many times as students, we feel overwhelmed, stressed and perhaps even a little lost at where we are in life. Not only do we feel that way, but it can be difficult to find ways to relieve all that pressure that comes with being a student. But don’t fret: there is a solution. 

Joining an intramural sport has the potential to maximize the overall enjoyment you have as a CWU student. If you are unaware of what the intramural sports program is, it can be defined as a program that allows people to join a competitive recreational sport of their choice. These intramural sports are organized events that are refereed and hosted by the school. There are a variety of sports to choose from, giving everyone an opportunity to find something they are great at. You can also choose between a women’s, men’s or co-recreational team. 

Teagan Kimbro

The CWU website says intramural sports provide “the opportunity to participate in enjoyable, safe, and organized leagues and tournaments with other Wildcats across campus.”

Participating in an intramural sport can bring forth a handful of benefits. You do not have to be a superstar athlete to join because intramurals are built for everyone. The idea of joining an intramural sports team can be intimidating at first, especially if you are a person who has never participated in sports prior to college. However, intramurals are the perfect place to start. Intramurals encourage you to get outside your comfort zone, focus on your health and connect with other students. 

An article titled “Six Reasons Why You Should Join Intramural Sports In College” listed exercise, relaxation, friends, college pride, team skills and fun all as reasons to be on an intramurals team. 

After reading all six of those reasons, I’ve come to find that there isn’t a good reason to not join a team. Pick a sport of your choice, sign up for a team and watch the stress of your everyday life melt away. It really is as easy as that. I joined an intramural soccer team fall quarter. Prior to joining, I was struggling with adapting to CWU since I was a transfer student. I was unhappy with my daily routine and the weight of school was overbearing. I was even considering transferring somewhere else. However, the intramural soccer team I joined was a game-changer for my life at CWU. I not only met great new people but overall I was much happier and grateful I had taken this step in joining an intramural team. 

The article “What Are Intramural Sports?” said, “participation in intramural sports has the potential to positively affect a person physically, socially, and mentally.” 

Intramural sports bring forth endless opportunities for one’s own self-growth. Through joining a team of your choice you can better yourself while also connecting with your peers and having a great time.  Even though sign-ups for intramurals for winter quarter have come to a close, you can count still on join in on the fun by signing up this coming spring quarter. 

Take a leap of faith and find a team that suits you, rally your friends or join a team solo! Either way, you cannot go wrong.