Tennis club wraps up season at finals

Aeryn Kauffman, Staff Reporter

The CWU Tennis Club made the finals at the United States Tennis Association Pacific Northwest Tennis on Campus (TOC) League, held at the Tualatin Hills Tennis Center in Beaverton, Oregon from Nov. 8-10. They were finalists in the consolation side of the silver bracket.

Tennis Club President Shanna Chua said the only reason they didn’t win the final match was because they withdrew.

“We probably could have won, but we had to leave that Sunday,” Chua said. “[It’s] kind of sad, but at the same time it’s good … We took almost a whole team full of freshmen, which never really happens.”

CWU Tennis Club’s A, B and C teams all made the finals for the silver bracket, but none competed in the final match.

Tennis Club Safety Officer Christopher King said there were several freshmen on the team this year. 

“We really want to try to get as many incoming freshmen and sophomores on the team as possible,” King said.

While King is a sophomore, Chua is a senior, and she is trying to make her last year a great experience for the team.

“I want to make it the best season possible, because last year was a little rough,” Chua said.

This year, Chua is focusing on building morale.

“I just believe that member recognition is just so important … if I don’t do that, then my members would feel like, you know, what are they working for?” Chua said.

Tennis Club Treasurer Jordyn Fassett works to increase member participation, as well.

“We have fostered a really good environment for both the level of high intensity competition and total acceptance and comfort with lower level players,” Fassett said.

Fassett, a sophomore business administration major, is also a member of the Sports Club Council. According to the council’s web page, council members primarily serve as liaisons between sports club members and sports club staff. They also attend monthly meetings and hearings which affect sports clubs as a whole.

“We meet up once a week … We are the council that decides where money gets allocated. Tennis or any sports club that comes to us with a funding request or something, we try to help them out,” Fassett said.

Fassett said the council and the tennis club have been focusing on inclusivity this year.

“This year we’ve been really stressing hosting more. Like, hosting a tournament, and then maybe a kids’ camp, bringing them in to teach them a bit about tennis … This year, we’ve been doing lots of practices where we all mingle,” Fassett said. “Community and inclusivity are probably our top two [focuses].”

King said the tennis club practices exactly what matches are going to be like before going to a tournament.

“That really gets you in that headspace of competition,” King said.

Fassett said the tennis club is accepting new members regardless of skill level. Practices are not mandatory, and extra rackets are available.