Discover University and The Sims 4 hate train

TyYonna Kitchen, Copy Desk Chief & Opinion Editor

The cries for a university based Sims 4 expansion pack should now end. For the five years the game has been out, simmers have been threatening the game’s developers and whining about their sims’ lack of education. One might think that with the expansion pack’s upcoming release fan’s of the game would stop crying and get excited. This only kind of happened.

After Discover University was officially announced, the developers held “The Sims 4 Discover University Deep Dive Livestream” on Twitch. This livestream covered what people were buying if they chose to buy the latest Sims 4 downloadable content (DLC). From the Create a Sim selection to basic gameplay, the developers wanted to show off the much anticipated university DLC. 

The livestream began with excitement, and developers that were hosting the stream were donning some graduation gear. There were tons of fans typing quickly and showing their excitement with emotes, crazy punctuation and a lot of “OMG.”

It didn’t take long for comments like, “the sims 4 more like the sims {snore}” and “this stream is the most awkward sims stream ever :((“ to pop up. Now, I will say that everyone is allowed to say and do whatever they may like. I even chuckled when I saw the first comment. However, calling the developers boring, lazy and awkward is not the way to go. They are not professional Twitch streamers. They develop a game that they want to share with an audience. They are not used to everyone asking questions at the same time and spamming the comment  section with the word “laundry.”

The Sims community can become even more noticeably childish on Twitter. When the game developers, or Sim Gurus, announce any sort of news, simmers take it upon themselves to attack strangers under the coveted shroud of anonymity the internet provides.

“We didn’t ask for this,” “where are cars?” and constant comparisons to past games take over the comments. People get nasty and even started a #StopEAabuse tag on Twitter. This didn’t ever become a full fledged “movement,” but it shows how delusional some people are. No one is forcing people to buy DLC. 

No one is being abused by the Sims team or anyone else so that they have to play a video game. The people spreading this negativity should take a long look in the mirror and try waiting a few weeks before buying any new content. They are the same ones complaining because they bought disappointing DLC the day that it is released.

There are people in this gaming community that believe that shouting what want and throwing tantrums will make sure that their voices are heard. However, what this will probably result in is the breaking down of the Sims developers. That would mean no Sims 5 and not much more work on The Sims 4.

I have my own personal gripes with The Sims 4. The bad skin tones, the loading screens  that pop up when crossing the street and the constant overpricing of lack luster DLC are at the top of my list. However, attacking people who are just trying to do their jobs is never okay. Sometimes people need to either calm down and work with developers or move one to a new game.

I believe that after years of selling content that lacks gameplay, The Sims 4 could finally become a more playable game. Simmers just need to give it a reasonable chance. There is a difference between constructive criticism and whining every five seconds. If you want to be a big baby, you can go and make your own game.

The Sims 4 Discover University will be available on Nov. 15 for $40. However, anyone that is familiar with past DLC releases should wait, I know I will. The Sims 4 does have a history of being a gameplayless game, but that doesn’t give consumers the right to harass and badger developers.

The same people that buy the DLC right away, are the same ones being disappointed. Sit back, relax and wait for the honest reviews of the YouTuber LGR. There is no need to buy something the day that it is released. There is always time to buy DLC, and waiting may get you a discount.