Go all out at Geek Out Game Out

Tapanga Krause, Staff Reporter

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On Nov. 5 in the Wellington Event Center (WEC), Campus Activities will be having their annual Geek Out, Game Out event. From 8-10 p.m. you can play board games such as Jenga, Betrayal: House on the Hill and Monopoly, as well as video games like “Super Smash Bros.” and “Modern Warfare.” 

According to Ronnie Hindman the main goal for this event is to bring together the gaming community or anyone interested in the culture. It allows people to relax and have fun playing video games as well as gives them the opportunity to meet new people and broaden their connections.

Ronnie Hindman, one of the student programmers at Campus Activities, said that Campus Activities is usually the sole organizers for this event, but they always try to reach out to other clubs.

 “We try and reach out to clubs, but we might not always have the time,” Hindman said. “Clubs are always welcome to reach out to campus activities and collaborate with us for Geek Out, Game Out events.”

 Campus Activities tries to put the event on at least once or twice a quarter. When picking out games for each event they browse through the variety of games that they have in storage and try to pick the ones that they feel are going to be the most played. As a video gamer himself, Hindman tries to pick out the games that he knows that others would enjoy playing.

“[Super Smash Bros. and Modern Warfare] tend to draw really big crowds,” Hindman said.

When asked what some of his favorite games are Hindman mentioned Dominion, a deck building card game where players use the cards in their hands to either perform an action or buy a card from the common pool of cards. Hindman also named Betrayal at House on the Hill, a board game where players can build and explore their own haunted house.

 Hindman said that they are his favorite games because of the experiences that it presents you with. “Fallout: New Vegas” is a post-apocalyptic spin-off of the Fallout series set in the year 2281. It takes place four years after the events of “Fallout 3.” “Fallout: New Vegas” is Hindman’s favorite videogame of all time because each game from the Fallout series is different.

“No matter how many times I play [the game],” Hindman said. “It’s a different experience every time, no two games are the same.”