ASCWU: Who and what you need to know

Will Ortner, Staff Reporter

On Oct. 2, students filed into the SURC Pit for their second chance to meet their ASCWU representatives for this academic year. Students who attended the meeting or watched the live stream of the meeting on 88.1 the ‘Burg’s Facebook page were informed of valuable information that pertained to each representative’s position. The officers also gave a brief description of their duties.    

The officer reports started with ASCWU’s Executive Vice President Alejandro Alcantar. Alcantar’s duty as the executive vice president is to find students to represent over 25 different committees. He is also responsible for sitting on the Services and Activities Fees Committee (S&A).

S&A approves budgets and programs that directly link to the fees students pay. On Oct. 15, the first meeting of S&A will happen as members begin training on policies and procedures.

Vice President of Clubs and Organizations Ashley Klippert informed those who were at the meeting about the clubs that she oversees at CWU, of which there are over 130. Klippert’s job is to be the bridge between the clubs at the university. Klippert does this by overseeing the Club Council, the next meeting date of which is Oct. 9.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Nicholas Mejia, gave his report next. Mejia’s job is to be a person students can go talk to who can alert the Provost of their issues.

Mejia briefly talked about a night where students and faculty worked together to help students fill out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to get as much scholarship money as possible.

The evening will be on Oct. 8th from 3-5 p.m. in SURC 137. The office of financial aid will be there to help students apply for scholarships.

Vice President of Equity and Community Affairs Jessica Hernandez’s proxy gave their report on how successful the Block Party was for the last week. They deemed the Block Party successful because they ended up running out of food and t-shirts. The Block Party was a place where students could have fun while getting a chance to check out the organizations on campus.

Hernandez’s job is to support marginalized students on the campus of CWU. She and her staff host many events like the Block Party, for students and the local community to attend to bring everyone closer together.

Mickael Candelaria, the vice president of student life and facilities, used his time to promote all of the different events that will take place next week. Candelaria’s time was spent on Wellington’s Wildfire, held next Friday from 9-11 p.m. in the parking lot of Nicholson Pavilion. Students will have the opportunity to meet some athletes and chow down on some free food.

Candelaria’s job is to make life for students as easy and fun as possible. He and his staff do this by helping out with events like Wellington’s Wildfire.

Zackary Turner, vice president of  legislative affairs, is a liaison between ASCWU and Olympia to help with all legislative issues that are affecting students. He had very few updates as the legislature in Olympia is not in session right now. For more information on what Turner and his staff are doing, join his meetings on Thursdays at 4 p.m. in SURC 236.

Lastly, ASCWU President Jasmin Washington gave her report on what she has been working on throughout the early part of the quarter with the Student Search Review Committee.

“This committee is just really designed to make sure that our faculty and staff resemble our student body. Currently, we are sitting at 15 students; but, we need 23 students to get started,” Washington said.

Those who wish to be on this committee and help get issues solved at CWU were asked to talk to Washington as soon as possible. Without the 23 students, the committee cannot do its job and help students.

As ASCWU representatives, it is all of their jobs to earn the trust of students and  that what ASCWU is doing is in CWU’s best interest. Krister Persson, a CWU film major, went to the ASCWU meeting and was impressed with how the meeting went.

“Everything they talked about sounded positive, and they are trying to make life on campus easy going and stress free,” Persson said.

For those who are interested and would like to attend the next meeting, ASCWU meets every Wednesday at 1 p.m. in the SURC Pit.