OPR & Intramurals offer summer activities


OPR offers outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, camping and rafting throughout the summer. OPR also offers group activities in the summertime like a guided horseback ride. Gear is available to rent from OPR’s office.

Bryce Weedman, Senior Sports Reporter

If you are staying in Ellensburg this summer, you may be wondering how to stay active. There are activities offered this summer both from Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals (OPR) and CWU Intramurals.

According to CWU’s website, OPR offers many different rentals for all types of summer activities from water activities to hiking, climbing and camping. OPR offers rafts to rent and inner tubes for floating the river or any other bodies of water. The prices go by student prices to non-student pricing and then by how many days you want to rent the gear. For example, if you wanted to rent a raft for one day as a student it would cost you $36 and if you wanted to rent it for two to three days the cost would be $51. OPR encourages students to get out and utilize the rentals available this summer. According to OPR’s website, the other gear offered to students helps to make more activities open to students. Sophomore Ava Barabasz, who works at OPR, said that there are still opportunities that they will offer before spring quarter is over, like the guided horseback riding event on May 19.

“During the summer most of our rentals are for rafting, but we also have people rent out paddle boards and tubes,” Barabasz said. “We even have people rent snowshoes during the summer.”

CWU Coordinator of Intramurals Jordan Bishop said they will continue to offer sports over the summer that students can sign up for starting on June 17. Intramurals will offer three vs three basketball, volleyball and kickball leagues this summer. Participation in summer leagues has been lower in the past, because of the number of students that go home for the summer. CWU Intramurals is trying to get the word out about the summer leagues.

“It needs people to sign up to get others to sign up,” Bishop said. “This is our attempt at reviving summer intramurals.”

According to the MyEllensburg website, there are other activities offered outside of CWU. Fly fishing classes are offered with gear provided. There is also the Ellensburg Rodeo, which will run on Labor Day Weekend starting Friday Aug. 30 and ending Sunday Sept 1.

Students like sophomore Caleb Bryant expressed their want to have more summer activities in Ellensburg. Bryant believes that Ellensburg and CWU could do more for students, but that there are still fun activities if you are creative.

“Being able to float the river and go fishing is something I enjoy in my free time,” Bryant said. “I do wish that there was more to do here sometimes as well.”