Comedian K-von brings his talent to Central

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Comedian K-von brings his talent to Central

Afton Prater, Staff Reporter

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Stand up comedian, actor, writer and TV host, known for his work on MTV, K-von (Kevin Moezzi) will be performing in the SURC Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 26 at 9 p.m. He will be bringing his comedic talent to the CWU community for a night of fun and laughter. Students are encouraged to come to this free event and pack the theatre.  

When searching for unique talent to bring to CWU’s attention, K-von was chosen to perform out of a variety of artists. Four students took a trip to Ontario, California to be involved in the National Association of Campus Activities (NACCA) conference in late November of last year to look for potential candidates. Though many people showcased their talents, the delegation came to the consensus that K-von was a perfect fit. Katelyn Clavette, a senior majoring in event management, was one of the students who attended the conference.

“I really enjoyed his show. We got to select which comedian we thought would be the best fit for Central, and a majority of us chose K-von because he was really funny and he adjusts his show depending on the audience,” Clavette said. “I think it’s gonna be really funny and perfect timing, as we are four weeks into the quarter. I think people just need a break from homework.”

Kaytlin Balyeat also attended NACCA. She is a senior at CWU majoring in Sport Management. Balyeat said that she admires K-von’s confidence on stage, his ability to engage with his audience, and that he put his full heart into his performance. When asked how her experience at the show was, Balyeat responded with a smile.

“I laughed my butt off, that’s for sure. It was nice because we got to see him for a long period of time because he did in between acts as well. He also had to come up with stuff on the spot. It was really fun,” Balyeat said.

Two comedic student performers, Libby Williams and Andrew Williams, are opening for K-von at the show. These students will each have a ten-minute comedy bit before K-von takes the stage. Libby Williams, a freshman majoring in Film, is new to the stand-up comedy world. She has participated in open mic at Central where she grabbed the attention of the Special Events Coordinator Ronnie Hindman. Hindman reached out to Libby Williams asking if she would like the chance to open for K-von. Only officially performing two comedy bits, she is nervous but excited for this opportunity.

“I’ve only done it twice, so it’s not something that I’ve ever done before, but I’m never serious about anything, I joke all the time…it was just something I wanted to try and I’m excited to do this,” Williams said. “My mom is coming, I’m excited about that. My friends haven’t seen it yet and I’m not gonna show them. It’s going to be their first time hearing the act, so I’m excited.”

This event is the first that senior Ronnie Hindman has been in charge of. He expressed his love for the job of Special Events Coordinator and how he finds it very fun and rewarding. Previously co-leading in “Haunting at Central,” Hindman is now the sole leader of the show.

“So far having this job has been the most fun thing ever…It has been cool to see students, their talents, and to be able to put them on a stage here at Central. Then in general for the entertainment industry, it’s just what I’ve always loved to do, it’s a great career path,” Hindman said.

Hindman is also involved in the open mic at CWU. He encourages students to attend and showcase their talents.

“There have been a few comedians that come to open mic nights, which is where we find most of our talent, so if you ever want to get recognized don’t hesitate to attend. That’s where we do all of our research and find who to hire for events like this,” Hindman said.

Open Mic Night is held every other Thursday, the next one being on Jan. 24. Sign-ups are at 7:30 p.m., and the show starts at 8 p.m. at the 1891 Bistro on campus.

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