OPR bundles up for Mission Ridge ski trip


Skis and snowboards can be seen gathered in the OPR along with additional gear and equipment needed for trips like the one to Mission Ridge. This trip can be seen as a great way for students to bring in the new year.

Bryce Weedman, Staff Reporter

It’s winter in the Northwest, and what better way to enjoy the cold weather than a trip to the mountain. On Jan. 26, OPR (Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals) will be taking a group of CWU students up to Mission Ridge, which is around an hour and 45-minute drive from campus. OPR has been doing this trip annually for years now, not only to Mission Ridge, but to other mountains like the Summit at Snoqualmie.

“It is a great chance to get up to the mountain to get some turns in, and for a good price,” said trip leader Ryan Moran.

The group going to Mission Ridge plans on meeting at OPR around 7 a.m. and getting back around 7 p.m. which makes for a solid eight to nine hours of shredding. OPR encourages students of all skill sets, when it comes to snowboarding and skiing, to join for the trip. In past shuttle trips to the mountains, OPR has seen anywhere from 20 to 30 students in attendance. OPR will be taking the school’s vans which include Bluetooth, giving students a chance to play some good tunes all the way to the mountain and back.

“I think it is a great way for students to meet each other, and it’s great because they all have skiing and snowboarding in common,” said trip leader Tonya Morrey. “I myself met friends through this trip when I first went on it.”

Even if you have never shredded the slopes a day in your life, there is a chance to get lessons up on the mountain. OPR assistant trip leader Grace Burke is certified as a ski instructor, so get the chance to pick her brain and get acclimated with skiing or snowboarding. If you’re interested in backcountry skiing, OPR has rentals that you can get for a decent price. You can also buy passes for the mountain at OPR which include the opportunity to skip the line.

“We unfortunately don’t offer the chance for a free day pass to Mission anymore,” Morrey said.

In the past, the free day pass was a huge selling point for the trip to Mission Ridge, but it looks to still be a popular trip this year nonetheless.

“We look forward to this year’s trip to Mission Ridge and to get to know some new students,” Morrey said.