Manweller announces resignation from Washington state legislation


Jack Belcher, News Editor

Correction 1/10/19: The original story incorrectly stated that Manweller was pressured to step down from his position as representative after multiple allegations of sexual assault. Manweller was accused of sexual misconduct, not sexual assault. 

Washington state representative and former CWU professor Matt Manweller turned in his letter of resignation as state representative on Dec. 19. Manweller was fired by CWU and has been pressured to step down from his position as a representative after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

Manweller has denied these allegations, claiming that he was innocent and that they were politically motivated.

In Manweller’s letter of resignation he stated “I am grateful to the voters in the 13th District for their overwhelming support in re-electing me as one of their state Representatives. However I am announcing that I will resign effective January 14, 2019 and will be vacating the position. It has been an honor to serve the 13th District for the past six years.”

Manweller stated during his campaign last year that he would step down if he was elected in order to secure a legislative seat for the republican party, as his name could not be removed from the ballot. This was after he was asked by republican leaders to leave the Legislature in September 2018. His resignation comes on the first day of the legislative session.

The republican party has narrowed down the list of possible candidate replacements to three people, Danny Stone, Alex Ybarra and Ian Elliot.