Opinion: Christmas music is overdone


Will Ortner, Staff Reporter

I may sound like the Grinch, but I don’t care: Christmas music sucks. It’s the same five songs by a bazillion different artists everyone listens to from the beginning of November until Dec. 26 if I’m lucky. All the altered versions of the songs sound the same, and they just get repeated non-stop all day, every day. Ugh, exhausting.   

My hatred of Christmas music started when I was in elementary school. The Friday right after Thanksgiving, my mom always played Christmas music all day in her car. For the first couple of days, I would sit there and vibe out to the songs as they sang about Rudolph and his bright red nose. Then around day four, I grew tired of Michael Buble and I wanted to jump right out of the car.

This began my crusade against Christmas music. First of all, I want everyone to know that they play Christmas music way too soon. The first I heard the horrid sound of the holidays this year was in mid-October. Not only is this before Thanksgiving, which isn’t okay, but it is was before Halloween too! Absolutely appalling. Let the different holidays have their own time to be celebrated before jamming Christmas down our throats.

When it comes to my holiday music, I find Hanukkah songs much better. Yes, it’s mainly because of the Adam Sandler song, but it’s also because Hanukkah music isn’t pushed on me all year as the greatest music ever.

In all honesty, after writing this piece, I found out that I really only hate Christmas music because it’s all I hear 24/7 365. It is my only real gripe that others will agree with me on. So, if for just this year we could only play Christmas songs for the week of Christmas, that would be great.