Heating back on in Moore Hall


Mira Cummings

The fireplace in Moore Hall commons isn’t needed just yet, now that the heaters have been fixed.

Jessica Perez, Staff Reporter

During a routine maintenance inspection of all the buildings on campus, Moore Hall’s heating system was found to be unresponsive due to a malfunction with the heat exchanger part of the system. As of Oct. 21, the part has been fixed and heat has been restored to Moore Hall. Exactly how long the system was down is unknown, but residents of the building didn’t seem to mind that the system was broken in the first place.

Sophomore Carissa Ellis, a psychology major and resident of Moore, said that the system being down was a bit of a perk, because now the system is on all the time and the building overheats easily.

“It’s too hot [now that the heater is fixed],” Ellis said. “They are trying to overcompensate and it’s a lot hotter than it needs to be. They put the heater on really high so it heats up faster.”

Junior Emily Klemisch, who is also a psychology major and resident of Moore Hall, agreed with Ellis, by saying she preferred the temperature in the building before the heater was fixed.

“I overheat really easily, so I liked not having heat because we can’t control the heat. We can turn it down, but not off,” Klemisch said.

Despite most students not minding the heater being broken, CWU still made accommodations for students living in the residence hall to ensure their living situation was comfortable.

According to the Vice President of Operations Andreas Bohman, University Operations partnered with Student Success in order to work out a plan to keep students warm.

“We issued out blankets and space heaters, we handed out coffee cards to students and we made arrangements for students who would want to leave due to no heat, but no one took us up on that. The building stayed pretty warm with the space heaters,” Bohman said.

Bohman also mentioned that he felt Student Success acted quickly when they learned of the incident, so that students would have the supplies needed to keep warm.

“I didn’t hear of any complaints from students,” Bohman said. “I looked at comments from the director of housing and they said that the students were in good spirits.”

The repairs in the heating system took a little longer than they would have if it had been a newer building, but because of how old Moore is, the parts had to be fabricated. However, Bohman said it was good the system got fixed before the weather got too cold.

According to Klemisch, the repairs were actually made sooner than expected.

“They got it up faster than we thought, they told us [it would be fixed by] Halloween,” Klemisch said.

All things taken into account, the residents in Moore Hall seemed to be understanding of the situation and okay with the way the situation was handled.

“I think the way they approached the problem was perfectly fine,” Klemisch said. “They kept us updated and happy. There were no glaring problems about what they were doing.”