NWCCU suggests improvements for CWU


Jack Belcher, News Editor

The Northwest Commision on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) sent representatives to CWU on Oct. 22 to review the university and take comments from students. The NWCCU suggested three main areas of improvement which included a more coherent and successful system for academic advising, pinpointing academic goals for each course and creating a large overarching academic plan by combining smaller, more detailed plans. Other areas that were brought up during the discussion were problems with CWU facilities and financial aid.

While it is unclear how the university plans to improve these areas, CWU President James Gaudino stated that CWU welcomes the criticisms and that work is underway to make these improvements, none of which come as a surprise to him.

The NWCCU evaluation committee was impressed with CWU’s service to the community, its students and its faculty. The committee was impressed with the determination of the CWU faculty, and Gaudino stated that he is thankful for the important role that everyone at the university plays.

“We have students that want to meet with admins and admins that want to meet with students,” Claire-Ann Grepo, ASCWU vice president for academic affairs, said.

During the meeting, students shared complaints about problems with advising, financial aid and facilities. Other students like ASCWU VP for Student Life and Facilities Jocelyn Matheny, praised the admins’ ability to seek out and address student concerns.