bRUNch 5K


Mira Cummings

Participants of the 5K walking to the starting line to begin the race.

Wyatt Simmons, Staff Reporter

This past week, there were plenty of Homecoming events to keep students entertained, from Cristela Alonzo to the football game against Western Oregon University.

The Recreation Center  also held the first ever CWU Homecoming bRUNch 5K race.  Jordan Bishop, intramural sports and special events coordinator and host of the event, talked about how the idea came up.

“Honestly, it’s just becoming more and more trendy now. It’s kind of one of the up and coming 5K themes that people are trying out,” Bishop said.

This is the first time Central put on this event and the organizers are hopeful that the community will come out in support of  this year’s and future 5K events.

“We tried to do our own version of it.” Bishop mentioned the goal of bRUNch 5K was to create an interactive event for students, faculty, staff and alumni during Homecoming week.

As the event approached, there was a big crowd of students who showed up early ready to run, each having their own reasons for doing the race.

Mira Cummings
Aidan Chissus doesn’t slow down on the home stretch, she powers through to the end.

Most students came in groups to be able to support each other during the race.

Junior elementary education major Natalie Laub attended the 5K to be with friends and exercise in the sun.

For others, it was the first time ever running a 5K. Junior elementary education major Hailey Locker said, “I love doing 5K’s and what’s better than to do it with my best friends?”

For others, it was their first time ever running a 5K, junior Emma Dingman, said, “I  actually never have run a 5K or any fun race, so this should be interesting.”

ASCWU Student Life and Facilities VP   Jocelyn Matheny, who took part in the race, said she did it for tradition.

“It’s one of the homecoming traditions, we did our freshman year, we did the [previous races] color run, it was tons of fun, and now this year there is free food,” Matheny said.

There were a lot of people  at the event with friends wanting to run the race together.

With that being said, there were just as many people there for the exercise. Some preparation was needed before running the 5K. Junior elementary education Kylie Heddle said, “I’ve been running for a month straight, three miles every day.” Some people have running come easier to them than others. “Well I’m an early bird. I like the run,” Laub said.

Once it became closer to the start of the race, students gathered up by the starting line trying to stay warmed up for the race.

The race was a circle around the CWU campus, the running event had markers throughout campus along with refreshments for the participants.

Once the race ended, the feast began, with everyone having  brunch. After the long run, the food was a welcome sight.

With the first Brunch 5K being a success, going over seemingly well with the students, faculty and alumni.

The 5k run could potentially be part of CWU’s homecoming tradition in the future.