Seahawks review after getting healthy against the Cowboys

Matt Escamilla, Scene Editor

After the first three games two of which were on the road– and an upcoming game against the awful Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, it’s a good time to evaluate and continue to have a high standard for the Hawks.

The Seahawks are currently experiencing a shortage of defensive talent. They let Michael Bennett, Richard Sherman, Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor leave in the off-season. With the potential of an Earl Thomas trade still looming, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Dallas Cowboys are reportedly still interested in Thomas.

It should be said, Chancellor and Avril have had career ending injuries, but if they were healthy, they would have been part of this roster reset.

With all their losses having occurred in the off-season, this unit has yet again been the reason the Seahawks have been in all three games. In all honesty, I haven’t said “man if we had so-and-so we would have won.” The only time I felt this way was when Shaquem Griffin got crossed up with his teammate on a flat route which led to a touchdown (TD) in Denver. If KJ Wright was out there, that flat route TD would not have happened.

This defensive unit has been without Bobby Wagner (1 game), KJ Wright (3 games) and the cornerback depth has been a mess all year.

With all that said, I could make an argument the Seahawks should be 3-0 with all the roster turnover.

The Hawks played their best game against the Dallas Cowboys on week three.The offense was balanced from a run/pass ratio. They used used tempo when the defense was out of gas and on its heels. Russell used tempo to throw a TD pass to Wide Receiver Jaron Brown.

Seahawk running back Chris Carson ran hard on the day, rushing for 102 yards and one TD on 32 attempts. This was without a doubt his best game yet.

The defensive line got to Cowboy quarterback Dak Prescott constantly and constant pressure changes everything for a defense.

I would give the Hawks an overall grade of (C-). They should have found a way to split in Denver or Chicago. Russell Wilson needs to find a way to get it done on the final drive to win the game. He’s done it before, however this is his first real experience of being the man and the offense being on his shoulders. Welcome to the franchise quarterback club, Russell Wilson.

My offensive MVP for the Seahawks goes to wide receiver Tyler Lockett. Lockett has been the most reliable playmaker so far for the Seahawks offense. My defensive MVP goes to Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton.

Norton has this defense playing fast and the unit has created turnovers in every game. They’re not perfect and they’ll make mistakes at times, however, I like where this unit is headed.  

This unit is on the rise and if they beat the Cardinals this Sunday, which they should, they’ll be 2-2. All things considered, that’s not bad after the first quarter of the year, especially since this is a year of resetting the roster.