Disc golf on the rise in Ellensburg

Rachel Greve, Staff Reporter

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There is a growing sport making its path through Ellensburg, that sport is disc golf.

Disc golf is a sport where the goal is to get your frisbee (disc) into the basket in as few as shots as possible, just like regular golf.

Over the past couple of years, many have probably walked around campus in the spring and seen baskets set up in various spots whether they are black, blue or red. Those are disc golf baskets.

The baskets around campus are being set up by the Recreation Center and is something that has happened and had a decent turnout each year.

“We had over 20 participants over the course of three and a half hours, which was great. It made for some lively competition and good fun for the group,” Intramural Coordinator Jordan Bishop said.

Although disc golf isn’t an intramural sport, Bishop said if students are interested in making disc golf an intramural sport that they should advocate it to himself and the REC staff.

20 participants may not seem like many, but it is a start and seems to be gaining momentum as the years progress.

“With the 20 participants we had in this event, it could justify us trying to start a league or at least running multiple tournaments next year,” Bishop said.

A league would add another reason to have students try new things and help continue to grow the sport of disc golf in Ellensburg.

While there is a course set up from time to time on campus, there is also a nine-hole course set up on the side of the popular Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park, also known as People’s Pond.

According to dgcoursereview.com, the course in Ellensburg was established in 2016 and was designed by Jeremy Lange.

The course is a mix of flat ground and slight woods, with water hazards on a few of the holes since it sits up against the pond and the Yakima River.

This course is open from spring to fall and is closed during the winter.

For the school course, Bishop said it will be up this summer for casual play.

There is also a smaller course that is more difficult to navigate that sits on the Ellensburg High School campus. The baskets are placed all around campus and are a nine-hole course just like the Pond course.

The courses are free to play on and have no warnings regarding trespassing.

Discs can be purchased at most stores, including Fred Meyer. Mountain High Sports in Ellensburg sells a small starter pack of discs if you are looking to get into the disc golf scene.

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