Facebook to Facing Relationships

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Facebook to Facing Relationships

Taylor Papadakis, Staff Reporter

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As of April 2018, Facebook announced it will now include a dating option for its millions of users. Using the likes and groups you are interested in, an algorithm will take these preferences and match you to whom is most compatible.

This new feature is trying to stray away from the reputation like Hot or Not or Tinder. In fact, Facebook says it is distinctively moving away from the idea of hookups and one night stands, and is focusing on more meaningful and lasting relationships.

Does that mean singles can now find people who like Chick-fil-A just as much as them?

Here are five tips to how Facebook dating will work and what the best sense of direction is when putting yourself out there:

  1. Creating a profile with just your first name helps protect your safety more than you think. The dating profile will not be visible to friends or show up on your News Feed, making the sense of privacy as a determining factor in how you’re meeting new people.
  2. Events based on your location and groups you have liked will decipher the people Facebook encourages you to get to know. It’s like the mutual friend feature when determining who you to befriend and not.
  3. The ability to browse through different pictures and profiles is a big factor in this new feature. Facebook will show its users people who share similar hobbies, acquaintances, and other data taken through the social media site.
  4. If both you and the new sexy stranger you just met online start a conversation, it will be separate from other apps such as Messenger or Text Free. For the safety and concern of it’s new users, only communication through text is available. Video chatting and sending GIFs is something Facebook hopes to have in the future if this feature goes as planned.
  5. Facebook is taking its millions of users data, likes, and groups to match you with whom they think would be your best fit. They are using data to determine this which includes emotional rants and the endless number of dog pictures on your profile. If you are feeling offended with their suggestions, considering going through your profile to clean it up or reconsider making a new one.


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