VP focused on transparency

Nick Tucker, Staff Reporter

Signs and posters have been posted throughout campus over the past two months for students running in the 2018 ASCWU elections. The results were called on April 18 and one new incoming member of the CWU student government is Executive Vice President-Elect Kane Lemasters.

The Executive Vice President’s main job is to manage both the ASCWU budget and finances, as well as manage staff members. They must update the budget internally and inform the public of those changes. Lemasters wants to focus on the relationship between the public and ASCWU.

“One of the main roles of the Executive VP is maintaining those finances in a way that is open and transparent in a way that any student can ask or see what we’re doing,”  Lemasters said.

Lemasters has worked with his predecessor, Alex Horning, the current executive vice president, and has made a great effort to get to know the office staff as well as the position so that the transition of leadership is smooth and effective.

However, Lemasters is well aware of the challenges he will face in the upcoming term.

“In the handling of money, there is responsibility,”  Lemasters said. “Anyone managing that much money has a major responsibility.”

ASCWU President-Elect Edith Rojas has confidence that Lemasters will be able to handle this responsibility and serve the students well.

“He is very personable and easy going,” Rojas said. “He has the work and people skills needed for this position. I don’t doubt he will be just as great in this new position.”

Rojas speaks from experience, having worked with Lemasters in the past as an orientation leader during the summer last year.

“That being his first year, Kane really worked hard and learned quickly how to be a great orientation leader,”  Rojas said.

The ASCWU Office of Executive Vice President is a very important position in the student government, and with the support of his fellow elected student officials, Lemasters is optimistic he will have a successful term.

“I am excited to get into this,”  Lemasters said. “I look forward to serving my students.”

Photo courtesy of CWU Publicity Center