Meet the Candidates for ASCWU

Miles King, News Editor

Associated Students of Central Washington University (ASCWU) election candidates crowded the SURC Marketplace the morning of Wednesday, March 28 to speak with students about their campaign goals.

With the primary completed on March 8, the final candidates will publicly debate on April 4 and 10 for five open ASCWU positions. Election day is on April 18, with polls opening at 8 a.m. and online voting at noon.


Running for President:

Brandon Barrett



Barrett’s focus is on identifying and solving infrastructure problems around campus. He would like to see a veteran’s wall on campus, similar to those on other college campuses.

Barrett also wants to crack down on the university’s use of leftover Connection Card funds for students by implementing something like a credit system.

“I want to be the voice for the students,” Barrett said.

Edith Rojas


Rojas is the current Vice President for Academic Affairs. She believes student government should bridge everyone together and represent the students. “You work for the students, not the other way around,” Rojas said. She wants students and government to come together to complete common goals.

“It all comes down to passion,” Rojas said. “I truly care about student’s experiences.”


Running for Executive Vice President:


Michael Demchuck


Demchuck wants to control the budget effectively and work more with the students and administration. He wants to focus on improving student life and believes he is the right person for the job.

Demchuck feels he has the management experience, leadership skills and personality for the position.


Kane Lemasters


Lemasters believes the executive vice president must have the ability to reach out and engage students. He also stressed the importance of the university using the student’s money effectively.

“I’m an experienced leader and I have what it takes to get the job done,” Lemasters said.

Running for Vice President for Clubs and Organizations:


Stan Southern


Southern is the current Vice President for Clubs and Organizations. He wants the position to be more about student engagement. He believes getting students involved on campus heavily influences retention rates.

Southern believes his work rebuilding the clubs and organizations system over his year in the position is valuable.

“This position is hard to learn in a month’s timespan,” Southern said.


Bailey Kinker



Kinker wants to develop student leadership with clubs and organizations. She would like to focus on representing more organization and creating a friendlier environment in the Club Senate.

Kinker’s focus is on getting students recognized, being valued and feeling heard by the student government. She wants clubs and organizations to be inclusive and welcoming to all students.

Running for Vice President for Academic Affairs:


JR Siperly


Siperly wants to create a team environment in ASCWU and the Academic Senate. He would like to see more major-required classes offered quarterly to help students graduate faster. Siperly stressed a need for transparency from student government.

“Students need to know what Academic Senate accomplishes,” Siperly said. He believes the students need someone who can accomplish the goals they want.


Claire-Anne Grepo


Grepo believes in empowering student voices and making ASCWU more accessible. She would like to see tuition and textbooks become more affordable for students.

Grepo’s focus will be on issues with student parking and retention rates. She would also would like to incorporate other CWU campuses by creating a board of students from all satellite campuses.


Running for Vice President for Equity and Community Affairs:


Maurice Watkins


Watkins wants collaboration among the Equity and Services Council (ESC) organizations. He would like more events beyond the ESC Block Party, like a study hall. Watkins wants the groups to build stronger bonds and support each other.

Watkins believes ESC groups provide welcome places for students. “How do you expect someone to succeed if they feel like they don’t belong?” Watkins said.


Jessica Hernandez


Hernandez believes ACSWU needs new faces and a change in perspective. She wants to unify and create collaborations among ESC organizations by encouraging organizations to support and attend each other’s events.

Hernandez wants to focus on inclusivity across campus for administration and students. “Success is a yes with Jess,” Hernandez said.


Running for Vice President for Student Life and Facilities:


Jocelyn Matheny


Matheny is the currently the Vice President for Student Life and Facilities and is running unopposed. She is focused on ensuring students have an incredible experience at CWU while learning and earning a degree.

Matheny’s experience being an resident assistant has helped her familiarize herself with campus and those involved in operations.


Running for Vice President for Legislative Affairs:


Leah Mobley


Mobley is running unopposed for Vice President for Legislative Affairs. She is focused on making connections with state legislation and promoting the the office and what they do for the students.

“We are a great school and we have potential to be a better school,” Mobley said.