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Party downtown for a good cause

Henry Crumblish, Staff Reporter

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Ellensburg residents will want to trade in their cowboy boots and belt buckles for bell-bottoms and peace signs.

One Love is a multi-genre charity event which plans to bring together live music and the power of positivity for Aspen Victim Advocacy Services, who provide housing and services for victims of domestic abuse.

Aspen also provides one-night hotel stays for victims of domestic abuse in emergency situations.

The idea for One Love originated at a Bearded Sinners club meeting. The Bearded Sinners are a national organization with chapters around the country comprised of bearded men who enjoy helping others.

“Anyone that needs a helping hand, if we have the means we love to help,” said Alex Rowley member of the Central Washington chapter of the Bearded Sinners.

Rowley says the whole purpose of One Love is to get money into the hands of those that need it. The Bearded Sinners went around town gathering donations for the gift baskets that will be raffled.

Items included in the gift baskets include but will not be limited to vape juice, and a couple free hours in the chair of a local tattoo parlor.

“I’m hoping that it brings all of those different communities together in a good vibe situation,” said Rowley

Tabitha Zimny, coordinator of One Love, wanted to create a new event for not only students, but residents of all ages.

“Living in Ellensburg, there’s not a lot to do so I like to create events for people so they have something to do,” Zimny said. “I enjoy giving back to the community because it makes me feel good about myself.”

In the past, Zimny has coordinated and organized several raves but wants to distinguish One Love as different from just another rave due to the negative social stigma involved.

“It is all about peace and love and unity and bringing people together,” said Zimny. “We can do these things and party and have fun and also make an impact on the community.”

Lemuel Cannonier, owner of Black Grenade Entertainment, an entertainment business founded in Ellensburg, has dealt with similar judgements around his events. Cannonier loves reggae music and putting on reggae shows in the community. However, he is often met with apprehension and skepticism due to the reputation of marijuana inevitably being an association with it.  

Upon learning that Zimny was hosting a music event in town Cannonier reached out to donate one of his dj’s to the evening in an effort to foster solidarity among local artists.


Cannonier, hopes that the event can be a cornerstone to more acceptance from the community toward different genres of music.

“When music is done right, you have to love it. When I came to Ellensburg I hated country,” Cannonier said. “Maybe I wasn’t listening to the right country.”

In order to avoid any incidents, security will be present at the event and will escort any guests who appear too intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, off the premises.

“I want my family and everyone’s mom and dad to be comfortable at this show,” Cannonier said.

One Love will be held in the Ellensburg Events Hall 119 E. 4th avenue from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Tickets can be purchased at the door and are $5.  Families or groups of up to six people can purchase a family package for $15.

There will be raffles between performers and the proceeds will go to Aspen victim advocacy services.

“I’m a musician myself and having any sort of music event and being able to attach that to a good cause in the community I’m from is awesome,” Rowley said.

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Party downtown for a good cause