Dinner, death and drinks

Students will be able to play along and try to solve who their murderer is.

Students will be able to play along and try to solve who their murderer is.

Photo illustration by Jack Lambert

Photo illustration by Jack Lambert

Students will be able to play along and try to solve who their murderer is.

Henry Crumblish, Staff Reporter

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Mystery, deception and murder are coming to CWU this month and it will be up to students, not campus police, to unearth the truth and reveal the identity of the killer.

Campus Activities will be hosting a murder mystery event. The event is based on the board game “Clue,” but there will be elements present from the 1985 film based on the board game as well.The murder mystery this month will be the first ever murder mystery held on campus.

“We wanted to introduce different events for different groups of people, since we have a very diverse university we wanted to have more diverse events,” special event coordinator, Omi Alsalman

said. “We tried to create something new for our audience.”

The murder mystery has been in the works since fall quarter, and hours of planning and preparation have gone into executing a thrilling new experience for Wildcats.

“It’s been a long ride with this one,” Katelyn Clavette, special event coordinator and co-host of the event, said. With no precedent for the murder mystery staff, Campus Activities has had to learn along the way.

Students will sign up prior to the event and be split into six to eight teams where they will be assigned a character. Each team will receive a prop to signify which team they’re on.

For instance, those who end up on the maid’s team or Mrs. White will receive feather dusters and students on Colonel Mustard’s team will be given dog tags.

The SURC Ballroom will be converted into eight different sections corresponding to the different characters in the game. There will be a study, a library, a lounge and other locations derived from the board game.

The teams will patrol the ballroom and each team will be given one minute per station to ask the different characters questions in an effort to find the murderer.

Students will also be provided with detective pads containing names of all the characters and the possible weapons.

Students will have to think critically and analyze all of the information and clues available to them, because if they guess incorrectly they will be disqualified. The team who correctly identifies the killer first wins.

The murder mystery is the brainchild of Citlali Mason, intern at Campus Activities.

Mason has never been to a murder mystery herself, but got the idea from television and received a lot of interest when she pitched the idea. This initiated the decision to bring the murder mystery to life.

Mason has experience assisting with events but this is the first time she has been in charge of planning her own activity for students.

“I’m excited for it, I hope it’s a success. Hopefully if  [Campus Activities] does it again in the future, they can see what could have been better from mine so they can improve it,” Mason said. “It can be even more of a success in the future.”


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Dinner, death and drinks