A couple head over heels


Xander Fu

Hoeye (left) and Reynolds (right) have been dating for a few months and can’t wait to enjoy Valentine’s Day this together.

Bryce Jungquist, Staff Reporter

CWU students Ashley Reynolds and Meghan Hoeye have been dating for several months. Reynolds is studying event management and Hoeye is majoring in family studies.

Hoeye said the LGBTQ reception is where they met. She said she was there alone and encountered one person before meeting Reynolds in the food line.

“She started talking to me and saved me from being shy and lonely. And then, I just kept reaching out to her, I wouldn’t let her ignore me,” Hoeye said.

Reynolds said expressing love is an everyday occurrence that has thrilling peaks of admiration. Reynolds said she says “I love you” and “you’re awesome” every day. She said on different days she wishes to spoil Hoeye and buys food or takes her on journeys.

Hoeye said she hates that on Valentine’s Day people act extra affectionate because a day shouldn’t be what tells her to love a person. She said people tend to be disappointed when others don’t celebrate the holiday and that there is more pressure than there needs to be.  

Reynolds said her advice to other student couples is to “be honest” because communication is key.

Whereas Hoeye said to “make dates happen” because as students sometimes “you’re busy all day” and need that extra time with your significant other

Both Reynolds and Hoeye will be celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together this year. Hoeye has a big surprise for Valentine’s Day that she plans to remain a secret from Reynolds.

Reynolds said they will keep celebrating the day together if it goes her way. Hoeye agreed.