Welcome Back Observation Deck

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Welcome Back Observation Deck

Sarah Hoot, Editor in Chief

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Happy New Year Wildcats! As the saying goes “new year, new me” and I hope that you all take that to heart this quarter. Try out that club you are interested in, go to a concert that isn’t your “jam,” or maybe even check out a restaurant that you have never been to. New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be big. They can be small, easy changes that will help you become a better person.


Here at the Observer, we work hard to bring our readers what they want, but we need your help to do that. This quarter we are working to improve our readership and follower interactions by writing the stories that you want to see. If there is a story you want us to cover (it doesn’t have to be news), let us know. Reach out to us on Facebook or send an email to [email protected]. We will accept story ideas and we will even run letters to the editor if they are print-worthy. If you do send in a letter to the editor, please make sure that your subject line is “Letter to the Editor” and in the text box tell me what your letter is regarding. Also, please attach the letter via word document and not in the text box of the email.


We have a great staff again this quarter and we have some great story ideas for future issues, though we are looking for more sports or other recreational activities to include since there aren’t as many varsity sports during the winter. Within this first issue we have some good stories to kick off this quarter.


First up, in the news section we have our coverage of the Matt Manweller investigation as well as the hot-button marijuana issues in our Evergreen Scene. Our scene section includes the Sarah Spurgeon Gallery exhibition “The Woods,” and a preview on the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. events. Finally, our sports section provides a look at what you missed during winter quarter and coverage of the latest rugby matches.


Thanks for picking up this issue and I hope you continue to pick up more issues in the coming months. Winter quarter can be difficult, especially when the cold turns our campus into an ice rink. Make sure you’re watching where you step and please leave your cars at home if you live close to or on campus. Parking in the winter is always tight and with the black ice on the roads it is better just to walk if you can. You will save time and be a little bit safer!


If you are looking to lend a hand to people in need, why not check out the local cold weather shelter? Volunteers who have food handlers permits can make sandwiches for those in need.  Volunteering is a great way to help the community during the harsh winter months.


Even though the holidays are over and the weather is bleak, spring will be here quicker than you know. So stay warm out there! If you need it, the library has bright light therapy for those who want a little sunshine.


Have a great winter quarter everyone, and remember that we don’t have school on Monday!

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