Settle Down Santa

This week's Observation Deck tackles the highly controversial subject of decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving

Sarah Hoot, Editor in Chief

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Attention everyone: I have some terrible and disturbing news! There is snow on the forecast for the coming week. This is terrible news, especially since your friendly neighborhood Editor-in-Chief hates the snow.

With the return of the snow and the chilly weather, it is time that we address the proverbial elephant in the room; people decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving (also, let it be known that I am not entirely serious).

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as the next person. I love seeing my family, eating food and celebrating the coming of Jesus Christ (if you are not a believer feel free to disregard that last part, as I know that not everyone feels the same way). I think that there is a time and a place for Christmas—and that is after Thanksgiving.

There of course is debate on some aspects of the Thanksgiving origin story, but most people were taught that it began with the pilgrims and the Native Americans. When the pilgrims came to America, they were ill prepared for the coming winter, and if it wasn’t for the Native American’s help, the pilgrims might not have survived.

Today, most Americans just use the holiday as an excuse to eat a lot of food and see family. Some have traditions, such as saying what they are thankful for before the meal to reflect on the good things in their lives.

I would like to add that Thanksgiving is pretty much my favorite holiday outside of Halloween. I love the food, especially mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top, and seeing my family whom I don’t see a lot of since I am at school.

However, this beautiful holiday is under attack by yet another national holiday: Christmas. This holiday has begun to take over Thanksgiving because of commercialization. Stores begin to sell Christmas decorations earlier every year, which leads to people buying things like lights, small trees, ornaments and a variety of other knick knacks.

This spur of commercialism has taken over the time when people should be prepping for turkey day. Instead, people are skipping over the joy of Thanksgiving, eating an exorbitant amount of food, and going straight for the presents and “winter wonderland” of Christmas.

I guess what I am really trying to say here is KNOCK IT OFF. Take the time to celebrate Thanksgiving, the best holiday of the year, and don’t just skip to Christmas. Enjoy trying to cook a turkey, burning the sweet potatoes and trying to ignore that relative that just wants to talk about politics.

Let’s bring Thanksgiving back, America! Let’s band together to say no to the fat man with a white beard as we eat ourselves into a stupor!

That is all I have to say about that, so I hope you enjoyed this little rant and I will see you all next week.

Apparently, this column is too short for my news editor to work with so this is the time for me to spit out some bullshit to fill up space. I am going to fill up space by talking about how to prepare yourself for the coming winter.

If you have been fortunate enough to come this far without having to brave an Ellensburg winter, then you are in for a surprise. The winters here, whether or not there is snow, are bone-chillingly cold. My freshman year there was only ice but no real snow, however, it was freezing. My sophomore year brought more snow, and my junior year Ellensburg resembled the ice planet Hoth.

My advice is to stock up on warm clothes, go to Fred Meyers and buy winter coats and flannels (they are a little pricey but they will last a while). Also buy yourself lots of tea or coffee or hot chocolate, whatever is your preference, anything to keep yourself warm and toasty on the inside. The other trick is hand warmers, stuff a couple of those in your pockets and you will be good to go.

In addition to the cold, there will also be ice and snow. So, make sure that you are watching where you walk and you drive to avoid slipping and falling or crashing.

We will get through this winter ladies and gentlemen so just hang in there and soon we will see the sun and the warmth again.

Take that Eric! I have written more to spite you! Hope this fills up all your space, and your hopes and dreams.

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