This is hard – are we doing it right?

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The funny thing about writing for a newspaper is that you constantly ask yourself, “is this all worth it?”

Some days, it’s not. Some days it’s a battle to talk to any sources. Some days the keyboard fights every stroke. Some days you receive angry emails, phone calls or letters.

Some days are good, but they’re mostly bad. Such is the life of a journalist.

We’re not complaining. It’s not like we were forced to do this. We understand every profession has its quirks, and we get that we chose to pursue a liberal arts degree. (Well, most of us.)

But the one thing that bothers us more than anything is you, the reader. We always want to know what you think of us. We crave your feedback, good or bad. We’d rather have a hundred angry comments on our stories than no comments at all.

We want to know if you’re actually reading this stuff. There’s nothing worse than knowing the story you worked so hard on is destined to die in the deep caches of Google’s 19th page of search results. That the story you spent two weeks reporting on is now lining your neighbor’s hamster cage.

This week, the Associate Students of Central Washington University (ASCWU) Student Government publicly declared a vote of no confidence against their president, Ryan Anderson. This has never been done before on our campus.

And we were there for it. We reported on the details of the meeting hours before it happened, and we did so with a lot of luck, but even more diligence.

Our editors and reporters worked extremely hard to get the news out so that you, the students and our readers, would be informed.

At that meeting, more than 75 of you showed up. Maybe you showed up to protest. Maybe you showed up to support the ASCWU or Anderson. Maybe you showed up because you walked through the SURC and happened to notice a meeting taking place.

But we’re willing to bet at least some of you showed up because of our reporting. We’re willing to bet that some of you have never attended an ASCWU meeting before. (In fact, Monday’s attendance shattered attendance records of these meetings all year. The average attendance, ASCWU officers later said, was about 10 students.)

Even if just one of you came because of us, then we did our job. The media is called the Fourth Estate for a reason.

We’re supposed to be the watchdogs for you, to inform you about what’s going on. And we did that. (We understand this is not like Watergate. Blame our professors for the repeated viewings of “All the President’s Men” we were forced to sit through).

This is all great. We want you to stay informed. We want you to ask questions. We want you to get pissed off at us when we fuck up. And we want you to praise us when we do it right.

So, we ask you, reader and student, what is it you want from us?

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This is hard – are we doing it right?