Science Building Phase II

By Austin Bennett

“I see only good things for students and staff for the new science building,” Fernando Galven said.

Fernando is a 26 year old Administrative counselor and science recruiter from Yakima. He has been working at Central Washington University for 1 year and is new to the career field.

“The new science building’s main purpose is for improving the physics labs and studying Jupiter’s moons,” Galven said.

The building will also play home to geology and geography. They hope the building will be completed in the fall of 2015 but open winter quarter this upcoming school year.

Construction and costs

Two different companies have teamed up to get this project done. Integrus architects out of Spokane have designed the building. Integrus has also designed 2 buildings at CWU already, Dean Hall in 2008 and the SURC in 2004.

The other company on the job is Lydig Construction. Lydig is from both Seattle and Spokane. They began 6 weeks ago laying the foundation for the building.

Lydig won the construction job in a bidding war between other companies throughout the northwest. After Lydig won the bidding war they hired secondary companies to help them get the job done. The job itself costs $67 million. $61 million will go towards the building, and $6 million goes towards the installation of utilities.


Seeing this building being raised so quickly has impressed students and faculty members around campus.

“Watching a normal parking lot and the tree formation that was near it, disappear before my eyes,” Galven said.

He continued, “It is going to be enjoyed by everyone, I can’t wait until it’s finished.”