By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

The Observer

By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

The Observer

Senior farewell: Hi, my name is…

By JAYNA SMITH, assistant news editor

Before I leave Central I thought I should tell the world my name is Jayna Smith, pronounced Juh-nay, although if you let the Observer editors tell it, I have a simpler name. One I have never embraced, yet I must admit did happen to stick. 

Plain Jayne, or more commonly PJ, is a nickname that was born and will hopefully die in the newsroom. Although I complain about it, I appreciate each and every one of the people who came up with that dreadful nickname. Honestly, applying for a job as an editor was the best decision I made since I’ve been at Central.

As an editor, I met people who became some of my closest friends at Central. Danny is Mr. Ratchet himself, and I have him to thank for my nickname and for most of the often-inappropriate laughter that fills the newsroom. Danny and Santos are my “Snack brothers from another batter.”

The Scene Team: Working next to you was nothing but smiles and laughter. NeNe you always brighten my day and I will miss having your simple words of encouragement. NetNet, we had classes together and I always suspected you were a lot of fun, but what an understatement.

The sarcastic puns from Seth mixed with the sassy comments from Vicky make up the best graphic design team. You both did wonders for the paper.

There were those in the newsroom who were quieter, but I will still miss working with each of you. Evan, seriously, please give your eardrums a break and turn the headphones down. Claire, you’re really cool. I wish I could have gotten to know you better. Derek,  I could say you were quiet, but that would be a lie. Working in the newsroom must have really brought you out of your shell. I am sure you will make sure the paper only gets better in the future.

I can look back on this year and smile because I had a ball and, more importantly, I learned so much. When I transferred to Central from Seattle, the culture shock was epic.  For my first two years, my social circle consisted of my roommate, Nessa and Araceli, one of the few friends I made at Central.

Carol, here we are again about to graduate from another school together, and I must say that after living with you for three years, our friendship has outlasted the worst of the weather. I love you chica and I thank you for pushing me to come to Central.

The size of Central really helped me build relationships with people who I know really want to see me succeed. Everyone at the Center for Diversity and Social Justice, I have to thank you all for embracing me, I only wish I reached out to you earlier.

Shoutout to my Latinas, Blanca it really sucks we didn’t meet earlier, because in just two quarters we have become so close and I will miss hanging out with you because you crack me up. Bianca, my fashion guru, I am so thankful that I met you. I have so much respect for your struggle and you are an amazing and beautiful person.

My time at Central has been exciting and I’m happy to finish, but I’m also sad to leave. However you knew me, just make sure you remember me — whether it be as Juh-nay, Jayna, Jayne or PJ.

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