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Staff Reporter - Winter 2020

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Téa Green

Brooklane will no longer be hopping with bunnies

January 29, 2020

Between the challenge course and the Brooklane student apartment complex there are three metal shipping containers. In and around the containers there was, until very recently, a family of bunnies living...

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Don’t let this movie go extinct

January 22, 2020

I feel as though writing this piece is a redundancy. Whenever I’m asked what my favorite movie, book or franchise is, I always have the same answer: Jurassic Park. Not Jurassic World, but the one, the...

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Riel Hanson

A glimpse behind the glass: The animals of Science I

January 22, 2020

Since 1998 the Science I building has been educating CWU students. On both sides of the lobby, various tanks and terrariums have lined the walls for over a decade. There’s a boa constrictor, a snapping...

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