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Winter 2020 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Cassandra Hays Online Editor See Cassandra Hays’s profile
See Cassandra Hays’s profile
Mariah Valles Orientation Editor & Photo Editor See Mariah Valles’s profile
See Mariah Valles’s profile
Nicholas Tucker Editor-in-Chief See Nicholas Tucker’s profile
See Nicholas Tucker’s profile
Austin Lane Sports Editor See Austin Lane’s profile
See Austin Lane’s profile
Amy Morris Orientation/Online Editor See Amy Morris’s profile
See Amy Morris’s profile
Téa Green Photo Editor See Téa Green’s profile
See Téa Green’s profile
Nick Jahnke Online Editor See Nick Jahnke’s profile
See Nick Jahnke’s profile
Paneal Holland Staff Photographer See Paneal Holland’s profile
See Paneal Holland’s profile
Riel Hanson Graphic Designer See Riel Hanson’s profile
See Riel Hanson’s profile
Bailey Tomlinson News Editor See Bailey Tomlinson’s profile
See Bailey Tomlinson’s profile
Tamara Sevao Staff Reporter See Tamara Sevao’s profile
See Tamara Sevao’s profile
Phoebe Lai Staff Reporter See Phoebe Lai’s profile
See Phoebe Lai’s profile
Harleen Kaur Staff Reporter See Harleen Kaur’s profile
See Harleen Kaur’s profile
Jake Freeman Staff Reporter See Jake Freeman’s profile
See Jake Freeman’s profile
Abigail Duchow Editor-in-Chief See Abigail Duchow’s profile
See Abigail Duchow’s profile
Taylor Clark Staff Reporter See Taylor Clark’s profile
See Taylor Clark’s profile
Della Babcock Staff Reporter See Della Babcock’s profile
See Della Babcock’s profile
Nikolai Kostka Staff Reporter See Nikolai Kostka’s profile
See Nikolai Kostka’s profile
Aeryn Kauffman Copy Desk Chief/Opinion Editor See Aeryn Kauffman’s profile
See Aeryn Kauffman’s profile
Teagan Kimbro Lead Graphic Designer See Teagan Kimbro’s profile
See Teagan Kimbro’s profile
Aiden Knabel Graphic Designer See Aiden Knabel’s profile
See Aiden Knabel’s profile
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