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Spring 2020 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Nicholas TuckerEditor-in-ChiefSee Nicholas Tucker's profile
See Nicholas Tucker's profile
Bailey TomlinsonNews EditorSee Bailey Tomlinson's profile
See Bailey Tomlinson's profile
Amy MorrisManaging/Online EditorSee Amy Morris's profile
See Amy Morris's profile
Austin LaneSports Editor See Austin Lane's profile
See Austin Lane's profile
Mariah VallesOrientation Editor & Photo EditorSee Mariah Valles's profile
See Mariah Valles's profile
Aeryn KauffmanCopy Desk Chief/Opinion EditorSee Aeryn Kauffman's profile
See Aeryn Kauffman's profile
Abigail DuchowCopy Desk Chief/Opinion EditorSee Abigail Duchow's profile
See Abigail Duchow's profile
Mitchell RolandEditor-in-ChiefSee Mitchell Roland's profile
See Mitchell Roland's profile
Teagan KimbroLead Graphic DesignerSee Teagan Kimbro's profile
See Teagan Kimbro's profile
Bekah BlumLead Graphic DesignerSee Bekah Blum's profile
See Bekah Blum's profile
Riel HansonGraphic DesignerSee Riel Hanson's profile
See Riel Hanson's profile
Takashi De LeonStaff PhotographerSee Takashi De Leon's profile
See Takashi De Leon's profile
Tiffany TablangGraphic DesignerSee Tiffany Tablang's profile
See Tiffany Tablang's profile
Joseph StangerStaff ReporterSee Joseph Stanger's profile
See Joseph Stanger's profile
Karina SeverinoStaff ReporterSee Karina Severino's profile
See Karina Severino's profile
Kiri SchwedlerStaff ReporterSee Kiri Schwedler's profile
See Kiri Schwedler's profile
Michelle ReyesStaff ReporterSee Michelle Reyes's profile
See Michelle Reyes's profile
Ty McpheeStaff ReporterSee Ty Mcphee's profile
See Ty Mcphee's profile
Gabriel LizamaStaff ReporterSee Gabriel Lizama's profile
See Gabriel Lizama's profile
Jayce KadounStaff Copy EditorSee Jayce Kadoun's profile
See Jayce Kadoun's profile
Holly HunterStaff ReporterSee Holly Hunter's profile
See Holly Hunter's profile
Rey GreenSports Editor See Rey Green's profile
See Rey Green's profile
Peighton BortleStaff PhotographerSee Peighton Bortle's profile
See Peighton Bortle's profile
Taylor ClarkStaff ReporterSee Taylor Clark's profile
See Taylor Clark's profile
Della BabcockStaff ReporterSee Della Babcock's profile
See Della Babcock's profile
Samantha CabezaStaff ReporterSee Samantha Cabeza's profile
See Samantha Cabeza's profile
Cassandra HaysOnline EditorSee Cassandra Hays's profile
See Cassandra Hays's profile
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