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Fall 2020 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Ryan Nakamura Staff Reporter See Ryan Nakamura’s profile
See Ryan Nakamura’s profile
Jessica Perez Staff Reporter See Jessica Perez’s profile
See Jessica Perez’s profile
David Hartless Staff Reporter See David Hartless’s profile
See David Hartless’s profile
Sean Bessette Editor-in-Chief See Sean Bessette’s profile
See Sean Bessette’s profile
Addie Adkins Copy Desk Chief/Opinion Editor See Addie Adkins’s profile
See Addie Adkins’s profile
Gabriel Strasbaugh Staff Reporter See Gabriel Strasbaugh’s profile
See Gabriel Strasbaugh’s profile
RachelAnn Degnan Scene Senior Reporter See RachelAnn Degnan’s profile
See RachelAnn Degnan’s profile
Jared Galanti Sports Editor See Jared Galanti’s profile
See Jared Galanti’s profile
Star Diavolikis News Editor See Star Diavolikis’s profile
See Star Diavolikis’s profile
Derek Harper Staff Reporter See Derek Harper’s profile
See Derek Harper’s profile
Casey Rothgeb Photo Editor See Casey Rothgeb’s profile
See Casey Rothgeb’s profile
Tiffany Tablang Graphic Designer See Tiffany Tablang’s profile
See Tiffany Tablang’s profile
Ty Mcphee Staff Reporter See Ty Mcphee’s profile
See Ty Mcphee’s profile
Rey Green Sports Editor See Rey Green’s profile
See Rey Green’s profile
Bekah Blum Design Director See Bekah Blum’s profile
See Bekah Blum’s profile
Mitchell Roland News Editor See Mitchell Roland’s profile
See Mitchell Roland’s profile
Riel Hanson Graphic Designer See Riel Hanson’s profile
See Riel Hanson’s profile
Bailey Tomlinson News Editor See Bailey Tomlinson’s profile
See Bailey Tomlinson’s profile
Abigail Duchow Editor-in-Chief See Abigail Duchow’s profile
See Abigail Duchow’s profile
Amy Morris Orientation/Online Editor See Amy Morris’s profile
See Amy Morris’s profile
Aeryn Kauffman Copy Desk Chief/Opinion Editor See Aeryn Kauffman’s profile
See Aeryn Kauffman’s profile
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