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Fall 2019 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Natalie LakeCopy Desk ChiefSee Natalie Lake's profile
See Natalie Lake's profile
Meghan RochelleStaff PhotographerSee Meghan Rochelle's profile
See Meghan Rochelle's profile
AJ St. JohnStaff ReporterSee AJ St. John's profile
See AJ St. John's profile
Will OrtnerStaff ReporterSee Will Ortner's profile
See Will Ortner's profile
Amy MorrisManaging/Online EditorSee Amy Morris's profile
See Amy Morris's profile
Jackson McMurrayStaff ReporterSee Jackson McMurray's profile
See Jackson McMurray's profile
Tapanga KrauseStaff ReporterSee Tapanga Krause's profile
See Tapanga Krause's profile
Aeryn KauffmanCopy Desk Chief/Opinion EditorSee Aeryn Kauffman's profile
See Aeryn Kauffman's profile
Pilar CuevasStaff ReporterSee Pilar Cuevas's profile
See Pilar Cuevas's profile
Samantha CabezaStaff ReporterSee Samantha Cabeza's profile
See Samantha Cabeza's profile
Austin LaneSports Editor See Austin Lane's profile
See Austin Lane's profile
Teagan KimbroLead Graphic DesignerSee Teagan Kimbro's profile
See Teagan Kimbro's profile
Aiden KnabelGraphic DesignerSee Aiden Knabel's profile
See Aiden Knabel's profile
Nicholas TuckerEditor-in-ChiefSee Nicholas Tucker's profile
See Nicholas Tucker's profile
TyYonna KitchenCopy Desk ChiefSee TyYonna Kitchen's profile
See TyYonna Kitchen's profile
Nick JahnkeOnline EditorSee Nick Jahnke's profile
See Nick Jahnke's profile
Cassandra HaysOnline EditorSee Cassandra Hays's profile
See Cassandra Hays's profile
Matt EscamillaStaff ReporterSee Matt Escamilla's profile
See Matt Escamilla's profile
Mariah VallesOrientation Editor & Photo EditorSee Mariah Valles's profile
See Mariah Valles's profile
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