Soccer looks to remain undefeated

Junior forward Sally Vlas trying to get the ball past the Seattle University goalkeeper during a matchup in the fall.

Junior forward Sally Vlas trying to get the ball past the Seattle University goalkeeper during a matchup in the fall.

Xander Fu

Xander Fu

Junior forward Sally Vlas trying to get the ball past the Seattle University goalkeeper during a matchup in the fall.

Alanna Inzunza, Staff Reporter

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Undefeated. The one word that describes the CWU Girl’s Club Soccer team performance this season. While the team started a little rocky in the beginning of the fall season, the Wildcats have since  stepped up their game.

“At the beginning of the season…it was hard to memorize everybody’s names,” coach Jessie Ocampo said. “We didn’t have the chemistry and as of right now…we’re undefeated.”

The team competed with the University of Washington (UW) losing its first game in the fall 4-1, tying the second one 1-1, beating Washington State University (WSU) Tri-City 7-0 and beating Eastern Washington University (EWU). Each game has fueled their desire to win more games.

They’ve been playing better throughout spring quarter, but that does not mean they don’t have improvements to make throughout.

“We’ve been lacking on in games such as passing, crossing, finishing is a big thing,” Ocampo said. “We’ve had a lot of opportunities here at goal but we just can’t finish so working on that.”

Since the start of fall quarter the team’s chemistry has improved. This has helped see better results from fall quarter to spring quarter.

“It’s all about chemistry between the players. We’ve improved in our passing and the way we talk and our communication,” Ocampo said. “We don’t get frustrated as we use to before everyone was frustrated because things wouldn’t plan out and now things have improved dramatically, it’s a whole new team.”

Junior center mid Miya Mukai is excited for this upcoming game. The team has yet to play against them but she believes their preparation this spring quarter will bring good results. Being undefeated has fueled the team in wanting to be better each match.

“I definitely  think we want to keep that,” Mukai said. “Our competitiveness is well set in our team right now. I don’t think we’ve ever had an undefeated season going into spring so I think we have fire under our belly. We want to finish this season strong.”

She recalls on the beginning of the year everyone caring about their own individual abilities but now she sees the team as a true team.

“Our passes are strong we have better fitness compared to the beginning of the year,” Mukai said.

Mukia has also seen the change throughout her years playing for club soccer. She remembers losing sometimes, but this year she believes the change in leadership has really paid off for them.

Sophomore midfielder Britney Passe also sees the want the team has to continue playing as well as they have been. Being her first year playing for the women’s club soccer team she has learn a lot from her teammates. Including there always being room to improve in your skills.

“Not giving up, I know that often when the other team scores or they’re ahead we play down to their level and we feel kinda deflated when they score,” Passe said.

Ocampo understands every game is different and the team still has things to work on and improve on. But despite all that he is happy the way his team is. They is confident in their abilities from their game this weekend.

“I’m really proud of them. They’re a great group of girls. They come to practice, they try,” Ocampo said. “Oh I know we will. I can bet on it. We will win.”

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Soccer looks to remain undefeated