Celine Fowler commands center field

Junior outfielder Celine Fowler during a doubleheader against Saint Martin’s.

Junior outfielder Celine Fowler during a doubleheader against Saint Martin’s.

James Stuck

James Stuck

Junior outfielder Celine Fowler during a doubleheader against Saint Martin’s.

Alanna Inzunza, Staff Reporter

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Playing as an outfielder for the CWU softball team, junior Celine Fowler first found her love for softball at a young age.

At 4 years old, she began playing t-ball and by 9 years old she was playing competitively. Since then the sport has played a big part in her life.

By freshman year of high school, Fowler was told by her parents she had to pick a sport and she decided to go with softball.

Fowler played for the Lady Sharks till 16U. Then after 16U, played for the Washington Lady Hawks.

“Which is a very competitive program its good, its what got me here,” Fowler said.

All her hard work during high school got Fowler where she is today. She chose to come to CWU after realizing this was a school that could help her succeed in this sport.

“I wanted to stay close to home…I wanted to actually get to play for a team and not just sit and run the bases,” Fowler said. “I felt like CWU was a really good spot where I could compete and get myself into a starting position and I worked my way up and I’m so happy with my choice and I wouldn’t change it at all.”

Head coach Mike Larabee has seen her grow into her full potential.

“When I got here last year in the fall, our entire outfield wasn’t very good to be honest … just through a lot of repetition and doing things the way she was taught to do, she’s improved a lot just her ability to command the outfield,” Larabee said. “She’s a center field[er], so she’s got to take control of that outfield. She has done a great job on that.”

Her teammates describe her as someone who you would want to be around. Someone who has an amazing personality.

“She’s really bubbly and that’s always fun to be around,” said senior first base player Kailyn Campbell.

While teammate senior outfielder Sammy Morris described how they’ve just hit it off from the start.

“It’s been fun, we’ve had a lot of good times together,” Morris said. “We’ve played together for the last three years.”

During the off season, Fowler is a Seattle Mariners Ball Girl. She is one of the few outspend athletes and students that is chosen for the highly competitive job.

“It’s so fun we get to sit on the field and talk to fans and like give the balls to children which is really, really great,” Fowler said. “It’s just fun to be a part of the Mariners’ team and they’re a really good organization to work for.”

Fowler is looking forward to the upcoming games the CWU softball team will be playing in hopes to clinch a spot in the regionals.

“We really got to take all four of them. We really have to clinch that spot for that championship and I think we have absolutely no problem doing it,” Fowler said. “We’re going to bounce back really hard after three losses but other than that I think we’re all really prepared for it.”

As for her future, Fowler is majoring in elementary education. She will always want softball to play a role in her life.

“I want to be a teacher and I want to have a family… I [just] wanna enjoy life. And I’ll probably still coach, maybe play slow pitch or something, but I don’t think the game will ever leave my life,” Fowler said.

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Celine Fowler commands center field