The search continues: No general manager announcement for 88.1 the ‘Burg


Jack Lambert

Despite going through the full interview process with four candidates, 88.1 the ‘Burg is still without a permanent general manager.

Samuel Beaumonte

Two months after the ‘Burg interviewed four candidates for the general manager position, there still has been no decision due to the abrupt departure of former Dean of Student Success Sarah Swager, which was announced March 2.

Jeffrey MacMillan, a CWU alum who interviewed for the position, returned to campus as an interim general manager since former general manager Travis Box resigned in June.

“It’s a no brainer that I came back to Central,” MacMillan said. “My whole time [as general manager] at Central has been about finding students opportunities.”

MacMillan said he currently focuses on creating opportunities for students to work with professional equipment, completing administrative tasks, as well as recruiting and training new staff for the following year.

The candidates who interviewed for the position last quarter are currently being reviewed, with the selection committee weighing the pros and cons of each candidate.

“Jeff [has] done a great job in holding that position and handling the end of the quarter,” said Richard DeShields, the interim dean of Student Success. “He’s still in that position until we finalize an offer and determine the starting date.”

MacMillan doesn’t believe that the general manager will change the amount of student participation at the station.

“If it’s me or someone else, it doesn’t matter,” MacMillan said. “It depends on their vision. You could put any general manager in here next year and the students can give you a top 10 performance.”

As interim general manager, MacMillan has all the responsibilities and capabilities as an official would despite the “interim” designation, including finding more volunteers.

“I wanted to make sure the ‘Burg had a lot of talent for the next person; that’s called always moving forward,” MacMillan said. “You always have to be moving and thinking of something quick. We strive to compete with the best even if we don’t have the budget like a big [station].”

According to MacMillan, there are currently 68 students volunteers with card access to the ‘Burg, with an additional 39 students on a waitlist to go through training.

“The craziest thing is we’re getting more students,” MacMillan said. “If we wanted to, by next year we’d be able to run 24/7.”

MacMillan was also allowed to look into the candidates that might take over his position.

“I’ve researched the guys that they brought in and each is a great candidate,” MacMillan said. “This whole general manager search has been great for the university and the ‘Burg should bring a strong educational component that prepares students for the professional world.”

The hiring process should be finalized by fall of the next academic year, with the ‘Burg looking forward to potential improvements and changes.