‘Movezilla Cometh’

Bryce Jungquist, Staff Reporter

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The first phase of a department shift at CWU, named “Movezilla” by facilities, aims to centralize student services in Bouillon Hall.

Lathan Wedin is the Director of Capital Planning and Projects at CWU. He said that Bouillon and Lind Hall’s “capital construction” will be done by June. Wedin said  that their goal with the Old Heat is to have people moved in by December.

“Considering all the parts and pieces of Movezilla, I consider it going extremely well. Because everyone is chipping in on the efforts,” Wedin said, “everyone’s playing a part on this, so everyone understands the importance of consolidating student services and we’re all just making it work.”

Wedin said that there had not been any substantial problems yet with Movezilla. He stated that they are concentrating working out any complications in the early phases before the moves take place.

He also said that it is difficult scheduling work with the movers because they are also the maintenance workers who  remove the snow around campus.

“Weather has been an issue, but so far, I mean such a professional group; they have kept to the schedule that we’re relaying to the department, once the plan is in place,” Wedin said.

Staci Sleigh-Layman is the executive director of human resources at CWU. She said that she has looked at the move as a good experience from the start and that now is a good time for a shift.

According to Sleigh-Layman, the move will help her and her coworkers connect because she believes that going through a big change brings people closer.

“Since I’ve been in human resources, we’ve never been in the same office. Like we’ve had an upstairs and a downstairs. And so in April when we all finally move to Mitchell, [we] will all be in the same location and that’s a positive,” said Sleigh-Layman.

She also said that instead of using the name “Movezilla” she has been saying it is “Movetasia”, a reference to the Disney film “Fantasia” and a way of labeling the move in a positive light .

Sleigh-Layman and her staff have been handling the move well.

Eva Whitsett, assistant director of student accounts at CWU, said that the Cashier’s Office has been relayed the information on the move but has yet to move themselves.

She said that she thinks the move is going well overall, that people are willing to and content with switching locations and have already begun to prepare for the move.

According to the schedule put in place by facilities in late January,

Alice Fulleton the office manager for student financial services, said that she thinks that they will be moved into their new location by the start of July, based on facilities schedule they have in place.

“There can be some variants on that but by the end of July maybe hopefully we’ll be moved in, or cashiers will,”  Fulleton said.

Whitsett thinks that there will also be benefits to having a one stop students center, such as better parking and having more resources in the one place. Fulleton added that the parking next to barge is for just staff and a different one nearby is open to students but isn’t very large.

Whitsett further said, “I feel like bouillon is probably a more convenient location for students, it’s just kind of more centrally located so that they don’t have to make a sort of a big trip over here to do account stuff.”

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‘Movezilla Cometh’