Local band performs at CWU Open Mic Night

Angelica Bartorelli & Linsey Powers, Staff Writers

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Last Thursday, Feb. 9, the SURC Pit became a powerhouse as CobraHawk performed an hour long set for Central students and faculty- as well as community members- before embarking on a statewide tour. Formed in 2013 as a cover band, the now female-fronted, rock ‘n roll band began writing their own music in 2014 and since won Burgstock, 88.1 the ‘Burg’s Battle of the Bands in spring of 2016. Members Lakyn Bury (vocals), Nat Nickel (percussion), Andrew Burr and Jeff Gerrer (guitarists) engaged in a Q&A session that provided the opportunity for audience members to learn about their music, upcoming tour and hopes for the future.

Q: Always the most cliche question: How did the band get started?
A: We’d known each other a while. Some of us had been in bands together in the past. It was just a matter of timing. Everyone was available and we wanted to do something fun and low-key. We were originally a cover band called Walking Talking Stephen Hawking.  Things developed over the years [and] we started writing original music. Then we won Burgstock 4 and that made us start taking the situation a little more seriously.

Q: How would you describe your sound? What makes it different for listeners?
A: We really sound like friendship. When you hear us play together, I think you can really tell that we have a deep mutual respect for one another. If there’s anything that makes us stand out from other bands, it’s probably Lakyn’s vocals. She’s packing some pretty raw power behind her poppy melodies. Also Devin is pretty good with his fingers.

Q: Is the hope to make it huge or do you enjoy the level of success you’ve already achieved?
A: We’d probably be lying if we said we wouldn’t enjoy a little fame and fortune, but it’s not an expectation. We just take things one step at a time. We’re pleased with the growth we’ve had recently. In a lot of ways this band has already exceeded our expectations. We just finished our first album. That’s not something we ever thought we would accomplish when the band started.

Q: Who are your musical inspirations?
A: There’s a short answer and a long answer. Everyone in the band could give you a pretty long and diverse list of personal influences, but we’ll spare you this time. We each bring something different to the table, but there are also some common threads that we all share. That’s probably what helps us all speak the same language, musically. After a few drinks, we can all agree on Abba, the Grease soundtrack [and] Disney tunes [to name a few].  It’s also hard to ignore the nostalgia for the 90s that’s been present in our culture lately.

Q: What’s something interesting fans would want to know about you?
A: We don’t like each other very much.

CobraHawk is planning to release their first album in March and if you missed their performance, the band has a few upcoming shows booked in Wenatchee and the Yakima Valley. CobraHawk t-shirts and tour information are available at Their newest single “Hot and Bothered” is on iTunes, Spotify and other major digital platforms.

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