Washington’s Attorney General sues student loan service for deception

Sarah Taylor, Staff Reporter

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The United States’ total student loan debt is $1.26 trillion and is rising at a pace of 6 percent annually. Students face an average monthly loan payment of $351.

This translates to 5,040 of the most expensive houses in America, 25 million Nike SoCal Air Force 1 Supreme Max sneakers and about 126 million one carat Tiffany diamond rings.

Student loans allow students to focus on their education with little to no need for a job, but students and families can fall into excessive amounts of debt. Some large student loan companies can even take advantage of students.

Navient, the largest student loan servicer in the country, allegedly mislead students and pressured them into more debt than necessary. Washington’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing Navient for these practices.

Navient, which is based in Wilmington, Delaware, reportedly steered financially distressed students toward short-term forbearances and engaged in aggressive and misleading collection tactics.

Anna Nepomuceno from Tacoma, Washington accumulated nearly $90,000 of debt with Navient. Navient issues private loans to mostly college students attending for-profit schools.

Rahat Khan, an involved mother, took out a student loan with Navient for her daughter’s education.

She repaid the last of the $38,000 loan online and said she was relieved that her debt was finally payed.

Two years later, Khan received several collection calls from Navient because she supposedly had various fees that had accumulated interest overtime and left her with a new debt of $11,419. This had ruined Khan’s credit and caused her financial distress.

Luke Lee, a CWU junior, uses Sallie Mae— Navient’s sister corporation— for his student loans. He has worked with the company for almost two years and has not had any issues with them.

“I hope they would make their option clearer.”, Lee Said.

Joel Klucking, CWU’s Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs, said he agree that Navient used deceptive loan practices.

“The behaviors that Navient has been accused of doing were for for-profit schools. They had students that really had no chance of graduating there for paying back the loans,” he said.

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Washington’s Attorney General sues student loan service for deception