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TVW, CWU partnership broadcasts events across the state


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When attempting to understand current controversial topics or the politics of Washington State, TVW is your go-to news source.

TVW encompasses a wide range of academic resources that can be reached everywhere in our state instantaneously. For instance, if someone was interested in an event that is occurring on campus, whether it be a panel of professors discussing gender in politics or a New York Times journalist discussing Syrian conflicts, their friends and family can tune in anywhere in Washington State to watch.

CWU has partnered with TVW to broadcast guest speakers and cultural events across the state. They plan to diversify the public affairs station by providing recorded and live programming of these CWU events.

Some students around campus were unaware or uninterested with the partnership. CWU senior Lucas Winkleman said he was previously unfamiliar with TVW and the partnership.

“I would appreciate if TVW was more actively involved with CWU,” he said after an explanation. “More people could be involved with issues on campus and potentially bring more publicity to the University.”

This was expressed by other students.

Vice President of Public Affairs, Linda Schactler, said she is optimistic about the TVW partnership. According to Schactler, TVW is crucial for expanding educational information throughout the state.

“TVW is the C-Span of the state’s educational content,.” She said.

Schactler said she hopes to see the broadcast content to expand as the partnership grows.

“I would love for them to take live content and build capacity as a university,” Schactler said.

Schactler also  said that student involvement is key in producing content. It is important to engage students in the production process to gain the opportunity in capturing material according to Schactler.  

Mike Bay, vice president of TVW shares these beliefs.

“The way we cover things is to tell stories in someone’s own voice,” Bay said. “TVW takes an unbiased approach to covering issues.”

Bay said he hopes the partnership expands into new opportunities across the state.

“TVW is only scratching the surface of how we are partnering with Washington’s high schools and Universities.”

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TVW, CWU partnership broadcasts events across the state