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Cosplay Club

Xander Fu

Xander Fu

Xander Fu

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Everyone knows that Halloween is the time to put on a costume and act like someone else for a night, but the Cosplay Club takes costuming to a whole new level.
Cosplay Club is a group where students can work on making costumes from their favorite movies, shows, comics, books and really anything else they can think of.
According to its Facebook page, Cosplay Club provides a way for students interested in cosplay to get together in a friendly and nurturing environment.

Lacey Adams, the club’s current president, helps teach and organize events to catered to helping  members learn new skills in costuming.

“She’s crazy,” Holly Roberts said, a super senior majoring in primate behavior and biology with an ecology specialization said. “I love her.”

Kaylee Peckham, a freshman majoring in music education and secretary of the club, agreed.“She can be very crazy. Like if she has an idea, she’ll get really excited and want to tell everyone, everyone needs to know. If she get’s excited about something, she gets really excited.”

Adams is more than just a excitable leader. She has also been making costumes for a long time and is helpful to the Cosplayers when building an outfit.

“She’s a good person to go to for advice on costumes,” Roberts said. “She has a lot of experience. You just ask her anything and if she thinks of something she’ll come and tell you.”

The weekly club meeting topics vary, depending on what Adams and the other officers have planned and what event the club will be a part of next.

“Two weeks ago, we got a whole bunch of new members,” Roberts said. “She went over some basic sewing techniques for people who might not be good sewers or didn’t have any skills to begin with. Another time, we went over how to make certain props.”

Sometimes guest speakers are invited to the meetings, as well. At one meeting, two of the guests brought a suit of armor.

“Each piece was ordered from a different place,” Peckham said. “His breastplate was from Ukraine and a couple pieces were from Canada.”

Comic-Con legality and etiquette was one favorite meeting topic for both sources.

“You shouldn’t try to go up to someone in costume and try to hug them randomly at Comic-Con,”  Roberts said. “Even if there is a character you really like, you could mess up their costume or maybe they don’t want to be touched.”

While the majority of costumes made by the cosplayers are for fun, some of the members dress up to promote the club as well.
“Our Vice President dressed up as Lady Deadpool and a lot of people wanted pictures with her and that’s what brought a lot of people to our table at the club fair,” Peckham said.

To see some of the club members in action, students can catch some of the cosplayers volunteering in Haunting Ellensburg at the fairgrounds.

“The thing about Cosplay is that in can appeal to anyone,” Roberts said. “It doesn’t matter what your job is or your speciality; if you’re interested in video games and comic books and tv shows and anything really you can be a cosplayer. It just means you want to dress up as the character and meet other people who share your interest.”xanderfuXander Fu

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Cosplay Club