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President Gaudino and ASCWU condemn local KKK activities

Ray Payne, Senior News Reporter

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The Ellensburg community has recently become concerned about the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) fliers that have been found throughout town.

Tomorrow, Oct. 7, there will be a meeting at 12:30 p.m. in the SURC Pit to discuss forming a “Not in Our Town” protest.

CWU President, James Gaudino released a statement on Tuesday, Oct. 4 to the CWU community on the issue.

“Central Washington University is a national leader in welcoming people from all walks of life and from all parts of the world,” Gaudino said. “Recently, however, some people of color have shared with me that they feel less safe in our community today than they did a few months ago. That saddens and shames me greatly.”

Gaudino also stated in his letter that he will be visiting various student groups on campus to deliver his message personally.

Associated Students of CWU also released their own statement on Tuesday addressed to the student body, condemning the expressed KKK beliefs that the pamphlets contained.   

“As students of Central Washington University, we must stand together as one and respect people of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds,” ASCWU stated.

So far several students have been heard voicing concerns, one of them being J.R. Siperly, ASCWU vice president for legislation.

“We must stand together in tough situations like this and support each other,” Siperly said.

In a statement on facebook, CWU denounced the KKK activity while promoting “a climate that is welcoming, diverse, and respectful — of all people and all opinions.”

Kittcom also had reports of KKK pamphlets being found in people’s driveways on Mount Baker Court.

Ellensburg Police Department (PD) posted a statement on Facebook on Sept. 23, giving details

on what they know.

The City of Ellensburg is appalled by the recent abhorrent behavior exhibited by the Ku Klux Klan,” they wrote. “Their random delivery of the organization’s fliers left placed in rock filled bags thrown on to resident’s lawns and driveways is disruptive and disgraceful.”

The post condemns the material saying that “It does not represent us at the City nor our Community.”

The distributor of the fliers has so far not been revealed, but  Ellensburg PD is looking into it.

“The challenge for any free society, and our community, is balancing free speech versus and hate speech,” Ellensburg PD wrote. “The flier’s content is objectionable, but the content in and of itself is not criminal. As a City we stand as one community that rejects such extreme views and messaging.”

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One Response to “President Gaudino and ASCWU condemn local KKK activities”

  1. Patrice O'Neill on October 9th, 2016 11:26 am

    Thanks to Ellensburg students, educators and law enforcement leaders for standing together to stop hate. People across the country in the Not In Our Town movement are cheering you on and ready to learn from your actions. Patrice O’Neill, Not In Our Town Founder/Executive Producer

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President Gaudino and ASCWU condemn local KKK activities