LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ASCWU needs to improve communication with satellite campuses

Daniel Smelser, Des Moines Student Liaison, ASCWU

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Quality communication is the backbone of success for any organization. It is also the basis for the majority of the courses of study here at Central Washington University.

In my opinion, the ASCWU, under current leadership, has abandoned the very core of CWU’s desire to turn out quality and productive students. I can only hope the new administration does better at communication than the old.

Open communication between the ASCWU and students attending classes through all seven campuses would be the first step in building a single, cohesive and dynamic environment, throughout the entire student body of CWU.

In nearly all classes provided here at CWU, we are given assignments which emphasize the necessity of communication. Since I have been associated with CWU, there have been numerous occasions where communication has been an afterthought to a program or event. Below, there is a perfect example of what the branch campuses receive.

Elections today, notifications of associated events last night at 19:21pm. Students, faculty and staff at the various satellite campuses  deserve to have information on the same basis as those in Ellensburg. Communication helps distant members of CWU feel they are contributing members of the community.

When I first contacted the ASCWU regarding communication between ALL campus locations, communication, over any other project, was the most important project the ASCWU wished to address. Since that meeting, the ASCWU has made Ellensburg projects their main priority, effectively abandoning approximately 10 percent of the student population, continuously pushing improved communication down the priority list, until it has become an incompletable task.

During the course of this year, there have been two significant successes. The most important was the establishment of Live Video Broadcasting of ASCWU Public Meetings to the branch campuses.

But this achievement was quickly silenced when the ASCWU decided it was in their best interest to have the meetings on Friday mornings; a day of the week when there are few or no students at branch campuses. Making it extremely unlikely that branch campus students would participate.

The second achievement was the creation of the Branch Campus Student Liaison position for the ASCWU. This position promised to be a direct line of communication to the ASCWU. However, like the public meetings, the position was quickly muted by the very members who created it, by their lack of response to repeated queries requesting guidance and assistance. Requests not only from myself, but from other students, faculty and staff members. Of all the requests for assistance sent, ASCWU has lost, misplaced, or ignored most inquiries.

Upon reading the memorandum the ASCWU drafted in response to my last query, I am saddened by the ASCWUs decision to take no action on the matter. Each and every person at CWU that I have spoken to has conveyed their appreciation for my attention to such an enormous and far-reaching task.

The ASCWU has failed to recognize the momentous opportunity available to them through the students, faculty, and staff, willing to work together. Your decision to take no action means an opportunity has been lost.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ASCWU needs to improve communication with satellite campuses