Letter to the Editor

The State Auditor’s letter concerning the Administration “Fee” does not save the students any money. The statement that it will is either the result of wishful thinking or the most bold-faced lie I have heard all year. If S&A is no longer charged for services it uses (freeloading, mooching, there’s a wide assortment of distasteful synonyms available), these costs do not magically disappear. 

To make up for the difference caused by S&A ceasing to pay its fair share, either services will have to be cut or others will pick up our tab. The first option takes away from what makes Central strong, and the second is sub optimal, as the possible replacement sources of funds are likely funded partially by students.

This is why the claim that students have been saved money is a failure in logical reasoning. While S&A will receive a credit, the students still indirectly pay the same bill. If the State Auditor’s Office’s interpretation of the law is correct (I am not yet convinced that it is), this only means that the law should be updated so S&A can pay.

The students’ best interests are not served by an S&A chair who has diligently avoided any appearance of professional restraint and doggedly pursues a restoration of the days before S&A had to pay for what it uses.

–Matthew Baird, CWU sophomore