An ode to Beast Mode

Kelly Bailey/Flick

Kelly Bailey/Flick

Zac Hereth, Sports Editor

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After six years, two Beast Quakes, 6,347 rushing yards, 65 touchdowns and one Super Bowl ring as a Seahawk, Marshawn Lynch is calling it quits.

Whether you think of Lynch as a thug or see the running back for the giving person he’s known as in his hometown of Oakland, as a Seahawks fan, you can’t help but appreciate what the man has given this franchise.

He epitomizes what Seattle football is all about and has set the tone for the Seahawks’ run-first physical brand of offense since the day he donned a Seattle uniform.

Just take a minute to appreciate the initial Beast Quake. Envision it in your head.


A 67-yard run that clinched a surprising playoff win over the defending Super Bowl champions, New Orleans’ Saints, and literally shook the ground in Seattle.

That was the start of the turnaround of a stagnant franchise.

Since that run, Lynch has been arguably the best and most durable running back in the league until this past season. His combination of size, power and sheer determination is unmatched.

He doesn’t have the breakaway speed that the Adrian Peterson’s of the world have, but no one can turn a two-yard loss into a four-yard gain the way Lynch can.

The way he hits defenders almost makes you feel bad for prospective tacklers.

It’s crazy to think that every Sunday I won’t see the skull-cracking collisions Lynch creates.


No more handshakes for the offensive line after touchdowns and no more hilarious dances with the media in post-game interviews.

It came evermore apparent as the season went on that, even if Lynch wanted to play another year in the NFL, it wouldn’t be in Seattle.

I don’t care if Thomas Rawls is the next Lynch, Peterson or Frank Gore, I’ll miss ‘The Beast.’

This one’s for you Beast Mode. Thank you.

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An ode to Beast Mode