Students: Use free shit on campus

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All around campus there are free or nearly free services that students have access to as apart of their tuition. A lot of these services go underutilized or simply unknown to some students.

One of the most well-known services is the free condoms and lubricant provided by Central’s wellness center. but free condoms in college is like free candy in an elementary school. Most kids are going to take some.

Additionally, the wellness center offers an array of educational programs and events. Sexual health education is their most popular program, although they offer other programs on drugs and alcohol, mental health, stress, and almost anything involving personal health.

Other than condoms, lube and education, Central provides a 3-D printer to students through the multimodal education center in Black hall 127. There is no cost for the printing materials, students only pay for the operation at $1 per hour.

Additionally, the multimodal center offers a cricut machine which makes accurate and precise cuts for projects like dioramas or paper crafts.

Some students haven’t even heard that they have nearly free access to this technology.

Central’s library also provides laptops for use in the library, video cameras, digital voice recorders and flash drives for three-day checkout – all for free.

There’s even a free phone charging station on the ground floor of the SURC equipped with most types of chargers. Additionally, a few tables on the second floor have USB power adaptors for phone chargers.

Alongside the wellness center, Central provides mental health services through the medical and counseling clinic. The clinic provides students with professional counseling that is covered by tuition.

The counseling is confidential and offered for individuals suffering domestic abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental disorders, along with group counseling as more of a support group.

In crisis situations involving suicide, the clinic even sends a counselor to respond immediately at any hour.

All of this is provided for free or at 1$ an hour thanks to student tuition, yet some graduate without ever using them.

In “Neighbors,” Dave Franco’s character says, “Our school has excellent facilities that nobody ever uses.” His character is correct. Be like Dave Franco.

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Students: Use free shit on campus