OPINION: Healthy and happy living

Justin Phan, Staff Reporter

Nowadays, everybody is talking about having a healthy diet. Books and TV shows try to convince people to eat more green vegetables and go to the gym more often. But are these things really going to improve our life?


Junk food is everywhere today, and it is so easy to buy a bag of chips or any other unhealthy food at a local grocery store. This is one of the reasons why obesity is a big problem in our society.


It’s true that you should try not eat too much junk food but eating what tastes good is also important, and being happy is so much better than a long life full of bad tasting health food. Besides, who want to follow after some diet plan a scientist invented?

I feel the same way about exercise. For our ancestors, exercise was a necessity to survive. Nowadays, we do not have to run away from anything, or if we do we can just get into a car and drive away.


Fortunately, exercise cannot be replaced by something that was invented by some scientists at a large company. Exercise makes people happy, and it can somewhat compensate for some bad eating habits.


Slowing down on bad habits is more important than completely depriving yourself in all cases. Smoking and drinking is not really what your body needs but having a drink once in a while is not the worst thing in the world. As long as you don’t overdo it until you are sick, then you should do what makes you happy.


Certain illnesses or causes of death are something that should be on your radar, but don’t let let your life be run by worries. Eating healthy and exercise are really important, but you shouldn’t spend too much time and energy to think about them.
If these things make you happy, you should do it because it will benefit you in the future. If you don’t, then make an effort to do a little of these things, and your body will really appreciate it. But most importantly, live your life in a way that makes you happy.