OPINION: Russell Wilson isn’t going anywhere

Matt Escamilla, Staff Reporter

Since Pete Carroll and John Schneider arrived in the Pacific Northwest the Seahawks have debunked plenty of team building strategies. They have provided the twelves a lot of joy by winning the ultimate prize against Denver two years ago.

They also endured some heartbreaking defeats during this journey that will continue this fall. The big question that’s on the fan’s, and probably the entire NFL’s mind is, will Russell Wilson and the Seahawks come to a contract extension before game one of the season?

Russell_Wilson_vs_Vikings,_November_4,_2012 (2)
With the question now asked let me be clear, I will not bore you with the typical media strategy of writing the doomsday scenario for all of Hawks nation, wherever they may be. “What if RW doesn’t sign? Or where will the Hawks go from here?” I want to calm everyone’s nerves and say Wilson is not going anywhere.

I would also like to mention that I plan on being a general manager of a franchise one day but like all of you I am a fan of this team. I have a unique scenario where I have two set of emotions during these negotiations between the our team and quarterback.

I’ll discuss what I am most comfortable with and that is the general manager side. For starters, the Hawks love Wilson. They picked him in the third round and took a lot of heat for that pick.

The beautiful thing is the Hawks were able to give the haters “the finger” by creating the best defense in the land with a five foot whatever quarterback and a beast on the other side of the ball that allowed the PNW to be in the champions club.

The Hawks have proven they take care of their own so what makes the fans of the NFL think that the Hawks won’t take care of Wilson?

I believe deep down everyone that follows the Hawks knows eventually cooler heads will prevail and a deal will get done. Still though why all the frustration? It’s the quarterback that they are negotiating with.

If an NFL franchise doesn’t have a quarterback nothing else matters because a team can’t compete anymore with Trent Dilfer behind Center even with a great defense like Baltimore did back in the day.


The Hawks are playing this negotiation right, there telling Wilson that they have no problem paying him however they won’t break their financial model to do so. Yes Wilson is special, however no player is worth having to break up the core of the team in order to do so.


With all that said the Hawks have all the leverage because they can franchise tag (pay top quarterback market value for that year) up to two or three years in a row before Russell even sniffs free agency.


When it comes to being a fan it’s all about emotion and believe me no one is more passionate about sports than me. I want to make it my lively hood one day. The last play of  the superbowl will haunt me forever and I know I’m not the only fan out there that feels this way.


Which brings me to my point. Fans at this point in time don’t want to hear about contract disputes, they want to know how their beloved football team is going to get to the superbowl a third straight year and redeem us all from that nightmare that happened last February.

Emotion from a fan base is what makes sports fun, however remember that sports is a business and it can annoy everyone at times. When that happens remember who is running your football team. Our team is in good hands.


Updated July 7, at 7:34pm to add additional information.